1. They downplay your excitement


If you are excited and your friend consistently downplays your excitements or accomplishments it may be an unhealthy friendship. If you typically feel like you can't go to someone to share your joy and feel like you're foolish instead they may be unhealthy for you.

2. They stand you up

Especially if they are ditching you to hang out with other (supposedly) mutual friends they may not be a healthy friend. If you are trying to make plans and they say they're sick then you see them out with someone else they may be a bad friend.

3. You're always giving


If you are always giving in any relationship its a sign it is one sided and potentially unhealthy. Friendship is a give and a take and you should not be putting all of your effort into someone who doesn't reciprocate the effort.

4. They don't say thank you


Friends do things for each other. We do favors, share food, lend a shoulder to cry on and simply give the other our time. Friends who never appreciate or say thank you may be unhealthy. Over time you may tire of being taken for granted or underappreciated.

5. They ghost you when you need them 

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If you find yourself listening to your friends vent, letting them cry on your shoulder, or rescuing them from tricky situations and not getting the same back they may not be a healthy friend. Everyone needs someone to talk to from time to time but if you're constantly listening to someone vent or talk without having someone to go to when you need emotional support that's not healthy.

6. You find yourself having to defend them 

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If other people are telling you they aren't a good friend there's a chance they are an unhealthy friend. You should not constantly have to defend your friends for treating you poorly.

7. You always do what they want 

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It's fun to share experiences as friends, but everyone has different interests. Friends should show each other their interests and try each others interests. If you're friend only wants to do what they want and it's their way or no way they may not be such a friend after all.

8. They pressure you into uncomfortable situations 


Good friends don't peer pressure. Good friends don't force you into uncomfortable situations. Lastly, good friends know your boundaries and respect them. This can be applied to anything from as simple to cheating on a test to trying drugs. If your friend pressures you and makes you feel bad for sticking by your choices then they are not a good friend.