5 Signs That Your S.O. Is A Keeper
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When looking for an S.O. a lot of us want to know what are some good signs to expect out of an S.O. Here is a list I have compiled based on observing different articles on the internet. They are based solely on how much I have seen them mentioned in all the different sources I looked at. This does not mean that these are the only traits that make a good S.O but are the most common and how often they are mentioned by others.

Is a friend & partner, can be quiet together or spend time doing small things, open-minded, values your opinion, learns from mistakes, honest, and remembers things

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All these qualities are great and I was surprised that they weren't higher ranked on my list of observed traits a S.O should have. But being in the top 5 ranked on this list is pretty good. I wouldn't say that remembering things is all that important, but it would be nice if my boyfriend would remember things that I've told him all the time. But I think it's more about the quality of what our S.O's remember. For instance, if you like Lilies and your boyfriend/girlfriend decides to get you lilies instead of roses on Valentines Day because that's what he/she remembers that you like.

Makes you your best self, responsive, loyal, eager to meet parents/takes to friends, respectful

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I thought making you your best self would have been higher on the list since a S.O can be loyal but that doesn't mean that they will help you become your best self. It is also important that your S.O is interested in the people who are in your life and who you interact with. It was very cute to see when my boyfriend wanted to meet my family and my friends when we first started dating.

Does small acts of kindness, cares about your happiness, wants to spend time with you, shows genuine interest, pays attention

All these qualities I would have also ranked them in this spot as well. Though I think shows genuine interest would be the same as wanting to meet friends/family, but some people define it differently. As in that they show genuine interest in your goals, passions, ideas, and what makes you you.

Plans for the future with you and can be vulnerable

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I didn't think about this being a top priority for a relationship, but looking at it the planning a future together makes sense. Being vulnerable also makes sense since that involves being able to communicate effectively with one another. Meaning that there will be a deeper connection created from understanding one another by being vulnerable.


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I am satisfied that this is the most important quality to a S.O since being mature means that you are able to go through conflict without having meltdowns, communicate effectively each others' needs, and work on a relationship that will require work. Most people think love is easy and don't realize that people who want long term relationships or think love is the only thing that will sustain a relationship are people who don't understand that love is about maturity. It is not only supported by love but by viewing each other as friends, family and more. Being mature will help you see that since a relationship takes effort to maintain if it is really worth it.

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