18 Signs That You Are The Older Sibling

I truly believe that being a big sister is one of the most rewarding aspects of life. You get to grow up with a friend and you also learn how to be a mentor at a very young age. Even though younger siblings aren't necessarily sitting at your feet praising how much they admire you, it's kind of an unspoken truth. It amazes me that even at two, three years old, children understand the importance of being a good role model for their younger siblings. Now, I am not saying that having a younger sibling is the greatest thing ever. Don't get me wrong, its pretty cool, but it also comes with some backlash. Here are a few signs that you have a younger sibling (and that they drive you kind of crazy).

1. The day your parents brought them home from the hospital you knew your life was over.

2. But then you were so excited that they existed because they could play with you, until you realized they couldn't talk... or move... or sit up by themselves.

3. They finally start talking and you're not sure they've shut up since.

4. You would forget how fragile they were compared to your old and broken body so you would accidentally hurt them.

5. Then you would beg them not to tell Mom and Dad and somehow end up giving them your Easter candy to shut them up.

6. People always thought they were "soo cute" because they were little and they basked in that glow SO hard.

7. Then you got a puppy and they finally learned what it was like to be you.

8. Somehow when you got into fights you were the only one to get yelled at because "you knew better."

9. And you were the only one who knew they were really the devil who was plotting everyone's demise behind their back.

10. They were the dorkiest person ever when you were in high school and they were still in middle school.

11. And then somehow you became the dorkiest person ever after you graduated and they wanted nothing to do with you.

12. Until they needed a ride. Then they cared about you.

13. You've had to bail them out of situations too many times and they've bailed you out of none. Don't think we're not keeping score.

14. They steal all. of. your. clothes.

15. And when you call them out they just make you feel like you're going crazy.

16. They seriously are the most annoying person on the face of planet Earth.

17. But, you don't know what you'd do without them because secretly they're your best friend.

18. I'm sure they'd deny it though, and I bet they're denying it right now.

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