Many like them, many don't. However, you cannot deny that Zodiac signs are at least a little fun. I personally like the concept of them a lot and think they're super interesting. So, if you're a bit of an astrology fan like I am, I hope you'll appreciate this list I've compiled of different zodiacs and what your sign from each might be. Maybe you'll even learn something else about yourself that you've never considered before.

Celtic Zodiac

This was actually the first zodiac I ever heard of and it is one of my favorites. Also known as the Druid Zodiac, this Irish version of the zodiac focuses mainly on trees. Everyone has a certain tree/rune that correlates with their birth, as well as qualities you are thought to have related each one. It's pretty similar to western astrology and is definitely worth checking out.

Chinese Zodiac

This is probably the other most popular concept of the zodiac due to it's greater global recognition. Each year is attributed to one of twelve animals that have certain characteristics related to those born during each sign's year. However, these go off the Chinese Lunar cycle and so those born around the Chinese Lunar New Year (between late January to early February) may have a different sign than the one assigned to the entirety of a Gregorian year.

Hindu Zodiac

This zodiac appears to be super similar to the western zodiac. Yet, there are a lot of details that make it really different, too. For starters, the signs all have different names. They also have different characteristics related to each one and even list physical qualities that a person under a given sign would have. I had never heard of this zodiac before I decided to write this so I'll definitely have to look into it more!

I'll be honest, the source material for some of this info came from a sketchy astrology website and my prior knowledge. I don't think it's even possible to find an astrology source that isn't a bit gimmicky. Regardless, that is part of the fun with astrology in the first place anyways. Real or fake, it is always cool to learn about the way you could be perceived in different cultures all just coming from your birthday. You might even resonate with some of the stuff it can tell you.