Find Your Other Signs From 3 Different Zodiacs

Find Your Other Signs From 3 Different Zodiacs

Your birthday may tell you a lot more than you thought it could.


Many like them, many don't. However, you cannot deny that Zodiac signs are at least a little fun. I personally like the concept of them a lot and think they're super interesting. So, if you're a bit of an astrology fan like I am, I hope you'll appreciate this list I've compiled of different zodiacs and what your sign from each might be. Maybe you'll even learn something else about yourself that you've never considered before.

Celtic Zodiac

This was actually the first zodiac I ever heard of and it is one of my favorites. Also known as the Druid Zodiac, this Irish version of the zodiac focuses mainly on trees. Everyone has a certain tree/rune that correlates with their birth, as well as qualities you are thought to have related each one. It's pretty similar to western astrology and is definitely worth checking out.

Chinese Zodiac

This is probably the other most popular concept of the zodiac due to it's greater global recognition. Each year is attributed to one of twelve animals that have certain characteristics related to those born during each sign's year. However, these go off the Chinese Lunar cycle and so those born around the Chinese Lunar New Year (between late January to early February) may have a different sign than the one assigned to the entirety of a Gregorian year.

Hindu Zodiac

This zodiac appears to be super similar to the western zodiac. Yet, there are a lot of details that make it really different, too. For starters, the signs all have different names. They also have different characteristics related to each one and even list physical qualities that a person under a given sign would have. I had never heard of this zodiac before I decided to write this so I'll definitely have to look into it more!

I'll be honest, the source material for some of this info came from a sketchy astrology website and my prior knowledge. I don't think it's even possible to find an astrology source that isn't a bit gimmicky. Regardless, that is part of the fun with astrology in the first place anyways. Real or fake, it is always cool to learn about the way you could be perceived in different cultures all just coming from your birthday. You might even resonate with some of the stuff it can tell you.

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11 Ways You Found The Cristina To Your Meredith

"We're friends, real friends, and that means, no matter how long it takes, when you finally decide to look back, I'll still be here."

The term "my person" describes the relationship between two people who have reached the highest level of friendship. They're people who have ridden the roller coaster of life together for so long that their lives would be boring without each other. In "Grey's Anatomy," the characters of Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang describe each other as each other's "person." They have a perfect friendship. Everyone (including myself) strives to achieve a friendship like theirs. What is it like to have "your person?"

1. Your person will tell it like it is.

If you think that your new haircut looks bad or if that dress makes you look fat, your person is always there to reassure you that nobody cares.

2. Your person is always on your team.

Whether it's an argument between you and your parents or you and your boyfriend/girlfriend, your person will always be there. They will go to bat for you 10/10 times and they will always be there to have your back.

3. Your person will celebrate the small victories with you.

Did you go an entire day without crying? Awesome, let's celebrate! Did you eat something other than chocolate chip cookies for breakfast? That's wonderful! The small victories count the most.

4. They will listen to you, even when you are ranting about the craziest things.

Let's face it, we have all been there. When it's late at night and we're laying in bed, thinking of the world's hardest questions, and you start to think about crazy scenarios, your person is always there to listen.

5. People instantly think that you and your person are a couple.

You aren't a couple, you just understand each other on a much higher level, so people think that you guys are in a relationship. Just go with it.

6. Your person isn't afraid to tell you that they are embarrassed by you.

Everyone gets embarrassed about each other at one point or another. Most people just pretend that it doesn't happen. Your person is going to flat out tell you that your actions and the things that you say embarrass the crap out of them.

7. Your person isn't afraid to knock you down a few notches.

Just when you think that you are on top of the world, your person will come and pop the growing balloon known as your head. They aren't afraid to snap you back into reality.

8. They will build you up faster than they will tear you down.

Yes, they will bring you back to reality and tell you like it is, but they will also be the first one to encourage you and to tell you how wonderful you are.

9. Your person is not afraid to call your bluff.

They will call you out on your BS and make you tell them how you really feel, so they can help fix you.

10. You stick together no matter what.

Even though you get mad at each other, or don't speak for a few days, you will always stick together.

11. In the end, no matter what, no matter who comes in and out of your life, your person will always be your person.

Your person is there no matter what. They care when no one else does and they are always there to hold your hand.

Find your person and never let them go. They are your best friend, your worst enemy, and your biggest critic, but they know you better than you know yourself sometimes.

As for my "person," you know who you are. I love you and couldn't do life without you.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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Sometimes The Worst Type Of Break Up Can Be By Your Best Friend

Regardless of our past, I hope this letter finds you well.


You said you always had a plan. You said you saw me in your future. I believed in you, I trusted you and I put my entire heart and soul into something I thought was a guarantee. But, you broke my heart into a million little pieces and my life will never be the same.

I'll never forget that night. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the words slipping off your tongue so easily. I remember my heart dropping into my stomach and I remember fighting back the tears, trying not to show you how bad you hurt me. I remember how pale the ceiling was as I stared up at it to stop the tears from falling. I didn't want you to have power over me. I remember you hugging me as if that was going to make everything okay like one hug would solve all of our problems. I waited until I got to my car to start crying. I remember my coworker trying to comfort me but she couldn't fix this. They were right when they said nothing breaks like a heart.

Almost a year later, you're still in my life, except I can't look you in the eye anymore. I don't trust you like I used to. I don't trust you to catch me if I fall like I used to. You changed my life, and honestly, I'm not sure you even know the storm that you brought into my life. I try to act like everything is okay and everything is good, but every time I see you I get reminded of that night. The night you no longer believed in my dreams. The night where the rain started pouring and I couldn't find shelter because you were always my safe place to land. Ever since that night, my life has been a storm, a whirlwind of emotions.

But no matter how bad you hurt me, I could never hate you. You are a part of my story that needed to be there. You could have created a monster, a bitter person, but instead, you made me become a better person because I don't want anyone to feel like the way you made me feel. So thank you for the lesson, but nothing will ever be the same.

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