Signs You Are An INFJ, One Of The Most Unique Myers-Briggs Personalities

Signs You Are An INFJ, One Of The Most Unique Myers-Briggs Personalities

Even though I'm an introvert I'm still naturally social.

ISFJ (Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging) is one of the 16 personalities from the Myers-Briggs test. It's also one of the unique ones of the bunch, and it's my personality type.

At first, I was really against the results, the I, S, and J all made sense but the F didn't. I feel like I choose to think over feel, but even though us ISFJ's have the feeling trait we still have excellent logical reasoning abilities. It's the same with being an introvert, while we are introverted were different from the other introverts because we have well-developed people skills and social relationships. Our intimate level with others is better than any other personality type. We're also hiding but very willing to consider to change and new ideas.

ISFJ's are selfless people who engage in work and the people we believe in with enthusiasm and generosity. We are very enthusiastic when it comes to making a difference in lives by taking the support, reliability, and imagination we have and apply it to the change we want to make.

INFJ's are universal helpers by sharing knowledge and experience, whenever possible we choose empathy over judgment. We like to support the people around us and only strive for win-win situations. We use our great imagination to help us with our empathy.

INFJ's are observant because we like to observe others feeling and seeing things from their perspective. Which could also be a weakness for us because we are so concerned for others feelings that we don't make ours know. We are so private and sensitive that we keep our feelings on the inside to protect our feelings so we can also protect other people's feelings, our shyness also gets in the way of telling our feelings to others.

INFJ's are so hardworking that we have so many high standards for ourselves that knowing we could've changed something minor to make a task better will make us downplay our success for the task. Which isn't already a good thing because we're so humble that we already downplay our success. We have this strong idea of perfection that's is so easy for us to overload ourselves so we can meet everyone's expectations and ours. We like to accomplish our goal to the highest standard and beyond what is required, we are so careful and we use a steady approach to our end goal.

Because we are so hardworking if we get negativity from conflict or criticism in our professional life we carry that into our personal life because we take things too personal that we don't know how to separate personal and impersonal situations.

INFJ's are very selfless that we let things slide and we believe things will get better soon. We don't how to say no, which is why we have a hard time standing up for ourselves. Other people take advantage of our dedication and humbleness by pushing their work on us and then taking credit for the work we did.

INFJ's are loyal, we make excellent memories to remember people and the details about their life. We make friends by having mutual support, advice, and reassurance. We like to maintain a secure and stable environment for ourselves and our loved ones.

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6 Things You Should Know About The Woman Who Can't Stand Modern Feminism

Yes, she wants to be heard too.


2018 is sort of a trap for this woman. She believes in women with all of the fire inside of her, but it is hard for her to offer support when people are making fools of themselves and disguising it as feminism.

The fact of the matter is that women possess qualities that men don't and men possess qualities that women don't. That is natural. Plus, no one sees men parading the streets in penis costumes complaining that they don't get to carry their own fetus for nine months.

1. She really loves and values women.

She is incredibly proud to be a woman.

She knows the amount of power than a woman's presence alone can hold. She sees when a woman walks into a room and makes the whole place light up. She begs that you won't make her feel like a "lady hater" because she doesn't want to follow a trend that she doesn't agree with.

2. She wants equality, too

She has seen the fundamental issues in the corporate world, where women and men are not receiving equal pay.

She doesn't cheer on the businesses that don't see women and men as equivalents. But she does recognize that if she works her butt off, she can be as successful as she wants to.

3. She wears a bra.

While she knows the "I don't have to wear a bra for society" trend isn't a new one, but she doesn't quite get it. Like maybe she wants to wear a bra because it makes her feel better. Maybe she wears a bra because it is the normal things to do... And that's OK.

Maybe she wants to put wear a lacy bra and pretty makeup to feel girly on .a date night. She is confused by the women who claim to be "fighting for women," because sometimes they make her feel bad for expressing her ladyhood in a different way than them.

4. She hates creeps just as much as you do. .

Just because she isn't a feminist does not mean that she is cool with the gruesome reality that 1 in 5 women are sexually abused.

In fact, this makes her stomach turn inside out to think about. She knows and loves people who have been through such a tragedy and wants to put the terrible, creepy, sexually charged criminals behind bars just as bad as the next woman.

Remember that just because she isn't a feminist doesn't mean she thinks awful men can do whatever they want.

5. There is a reason she is ashamed of 2018's version of feminism.

She looks at women in history who have made a difference and is miserably blown away by modern feminism's performance.

Not only have women in the past won themselves the right to vote, but also the right to buy birth control and have credit cards in their names and EVEN saw marital rape become a criminal offense.

None of them dressed in vagina costumes to win anyone over though... Crazy, right?

6. She isn't going to dress in a lady parts costume to prove a point.

This leaves her speechless. It is like the women around her have absolutely lost their minds and their agendas, only lessening their own credibility.

"Mom, what are those ladies on TV dressed up as?"

"Ummm... it looks to me like they are pink taco's honey."

She loves who she is and she cherished what makes her different from the men around her. She doesn't want to compromise who she is as a woman just so she can be "equal with men."

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25 Things You Know All Too Well If You're From The South

Are you really southern if you don't like BBQ?


You may think that southern people only care about football. That could possibly be true, but you can't say that unless you've experienced living in the south first hand. There are many other things that make up a "southerner" rather than SEC football and sweet tea. If you've never been to one of the southern states, then you need to plan a trip.

1. You get the death stare if you don't say "yes ma'am or no sir"


3. You pull over on the highway when you see a funeral procession

4. Unsweet tea is for the Northern Folk

5. You can tell when someone "ain't from around here"

6. Shunnarah

7. There are only 2 seasons: Summer and Football

8. Krispy Kreme and BBQ are a delicacy 

9. You respect your elders.... well, you respect everybody or mama will whoop you

10. Pine trees are everywhere

11. Mosquitoes 

12. Snow shuts down the whole state. Even if its one inch

13. You go to church every Sunday

14. Everything is better with a monogram

15. Tornado warnings mean go outside and look for a funnel cloud. (but really. get to shelter)

16. Weddings are scheduled around football

17. Waffle House

18. Shorts and flip flops are the go to summer outfit (sometimes you can wear them in December!)

19. You say "thank you" when someone holds the door for you

20. And if you don't say "thank you", we will holler out "you're welcome"

21. Calling someone during a bowl game (Iron Bowl) is a sin

22. If you don't say "excuse me" we will holler "well excuse you"

23. Cornbread is a part of every meal

24. There is some sort of farm animal in your yard if they figure out how to escape

25. Almost every food is fried

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