10 Signs That Your Dog Is Actually Your Best Friend
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10 Signs That Your Dog Is Actually Your Best Friend

How "man's best friend" lives up to the name.

10 Signs That Your Dog Is Actually Your Best Friend

Dogs are man’s best friend. Although they can’t speak our language, they have a way of communicating and connecting with us. Dogs bring joy to our lives, and are always there for us. Here are 10 ways in which your dog is just like your best friend.

1. You have fun no matter what you’re doing together

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Whether you’re going for a crazy outdoor adventure or vegging on the couch, your furry friend is always up to spend that time with you.

2. You take the best selfies

Sometimes they’re cute, but other times they’re goofy and borderline embarrassing. You end up saving all of them anyway because you’re adorable together, even in the weirdest selfies.

3. You’re there for each other, even on the bad days

No matter if you had an awful day at work, or you’re just feeling a bit under the weather, your dog is always there to comfort you and make you feel better. Of course, you’d do the same for him.

4. You’re overly comfortable around each other

You can be your weird and wild self around your dog. Plus, your pooch doesn’t care if you smell or have no make-up on. A best friend will never judge you. In fact, your dog doesn’t even understand the concept of nudity, so he’s cool with it.

5. You keep each other active

Your dog is the best work-out partner you could ask for. Fido is always up for some exercise, and will never cancel plans on you. You’ll have so much more fun exercising with a pal by your side. He’ll be sure to keep you accountable on days that you have no motivation to get off the couch.

6. He makes the best wingman

Not only does your dog give you a reason to go out and about, but he’s perfect at helping you strike up a conversation. No dog lover can resist stopping to greet your furry sidekick, and he’ll help you weed out anyone who won’t be willing to adopt ten more dogs with you.

7. You can make him wear anything

You can dress your dog up for a night on the town or just for kicks. As long as there are treats involved, your pooch is cool with you pulling an old shirt over his head.

8. You can nap together

Real friends take naps together. Plus, your dog will keep you warm and safe while you sleep.

9. He’s a great listener

Your dog will listen to your problems and whatever else is on your mind. He will never question you, interrupt you, or give you unwanted advice.

10. He's forever loyal

Your dog will love you unconditionally, and always be there to protect you. This kind of loyalty can only be found in the truest of friends.

11. You’re always happy to see each other

Whether you’ve been gone for five minute or five days, your dog will always greet you with a fast tail and so much excitement. You feel the same way about coming home to your dog because nothing makes your day more than being greeted with so much love and giving as much in return.

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