Earlier this month, Netflix released its newest movie, "Sierra Burgess Is A Loser," and it wasn't the greatest film I've seen. If you don't know what this movie is about, it is essentially about a high schooler having a massive crush on the football quarterback of their rival school and pretending to be someone else. Veronica, the school cheerleader, gave Jamey, the quarterback, the phone number of Sierra, the loser, and the two of them had been communicating for months. These two girls trick Jamey into believing he was dating Veronica through Skype calls and face-to-face dates.

To sum it up, it's a catfish film with a bad message.

Right from the beginning, I was not impressed. My brother's girlfriend and I were really looking forward to watching this film and we were thoroughly disappointed. We stopped watching halfway through and vented about how terrible the film was. For this article, I finished watching the movie on my own, and I have to admit, it doesn't get much better. I thought this movie would have been similar to "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" and it absolutely wasn't. This movie was a TOTAL cliché. The main character thinks she's ugly, fat, and a loser, and pines after the hottest guy she's ever seen. The bitchy cheerleader has a broken family and befriends the loser and ends up betraying her. And the eye candy is the quarterback of the football team and on the rival team.

This movie sends a horrible message to all its viewers.

I found it saying that the only way a curvy girl could get a boyfriend was if she pretended to be a thin, pretty girl. This, of course, is not the case. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And as long as you love yourself and what you look like, it shouldn't matter what other people think. I know that's easier said than done, I fall victim to this all the time, but it can serve as a reminder that you're beautiful even if you don't think so.

There are going to be some spoilers in this paragraph, just a warning. As you're watching the film, you're going to be thinking that Jamey won't accept Veronica's and Sierra's apologies, but he does. He forgives them both and even starts dating Sierra. That doesn't happen in real life. If this movie were real, the girl would get blocked and reported on every social media. A restraining order may even come into play in real life. There is a whole television show about catfishing and it hurts both parties involved. Another unrealistic expectation of this movie. No guy or girl will go out with someone who lied about their identity and pretended to be someone else. That just isn't something that's easily forgivable.

So, moral of the story: don't watch this movie.

It will give you mixed messages and false hope about relationships. Plus, the characters all kinda suck and it's hard to like them. The only reason I watched this film was to see Noah Centineo, and he did not disappoint. But the movie was still trash, even he couldn't make it better.