Judge Kavanaugh has been accused of rape and sexual assault by Christine Ford in a recent hearing in front of the U.S Senate. Ford reiterates that she isn't pressing charges but felt it was her civic duty to come out and tell people about his character and what he has done to her.


In the hearing, Ford takes a polygraph and testifies on the experience as she remembers it. Though the incident happened a long time ago, she recounts the assault consistent to what she told her psychologist well before she accused Kavanaugh publicly.


There have been multiple rallies and protests held regarding the justice of Christine Ford and her allegations against Kavanaugh. The American people believe her story and believe in her speaking her truth. Many protesters have come out to tell their own stories of sexual assault and let victims be heard for the sake of Ford's case.


Many of the right winged social media community have attempted to defend Kavanaugh and even begin to defend Bill Crosby. (that's a separate issue) These claims are mainly that she is aiming for a political agenda and is "just trying to wreck his career." This rhetoric is not only harmful and unfair to Ford, its harmful to all of the women you are close to in your life. If your first thought when hearing her testimony was that she's lying, there's a larger underlining issue at hand.


Now, I'm sure some are like "but how am I affecting my wife/daughter/niece????? its not her!!" and I'm so glad you asked. When the women in your life see how quickly you are to not believe a rape victim it will make them less likely to come forward if it was to ever happen to them. This thought process tells women that people, in general, will not believe her no matter if she's being truthful or not. This is the sole reason so many people don't report right away, because of the fear that people will not believe them.