As A Man, I'm Sick And Tired Of Sexual Harassment

As A Man, I'm Sick And Tired Of Sexual Harassment

"Look guys – no matter what a girl does, no matter how she’s dressed, no matter how much she’s had to drink – it’s never, never, never, never, never okay to touch her without her consent. This doesn’t make you a man – it makes you a coward." -Joe Biden

For the love of God, keep your hands to yourself! Are you a bunch of five-year-olds or something? Do women need to walk around wearing signs that read "Do Not Touch?" What is it going to take to get it through your thick skulls that you do not touch what is not yours without permission?! And even if it's your significant other, you still ask permission before you engage in any kind of sexual acts or contact.

Let's get this straight: Her body DOES NOT belong to you and it NEVER will. If she says "No", then it means no. If she says "Yes" but after you start she says "Stop", then you stop and respect her choice. There is no compromise or substitute; you just stop. You are entitled to nothing.

Recently, I came across an article titled, "To Girls Wearing "Cheeky" Bathing Suit Bottoms, Please Stop" that was being featured on Odyssey's Facebook page. The cover image is of a girl in a bikini bottom that exposes her butt. The amount of vile and straight-up perverted comments made by older men on that post is mind-boggling. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourselves.

To the perverts who send unsolicited pictures of their genitals, sexually explicit messages, and pathetically beg for nudes, what the fuck is your problem? Do you really think she wants to see your penis? Do you seriously believe that telling her how much you want to fuck her or asking to "see those titties", is going to get you anywhere? There is nothing flattering or attractive about that crap at all! She doesn't owe you a damn thing, and she sure as hell doesn't deserve your sick harassment.

There is nothing cool or okay about touching a woman in any area of her body without her consent, nor does it make you "manly." In fact, it makes you scum. It makes you the lowest of the low and the worst that humanity has to offer.

If you are worried about being accused of sexual harassment for flirting, then you probably shouldn't be flirting at all. If all you can talk about is sex, then you should stop talking to them. Amidst all the offensive tactics however, there is a way you can actually completely avoid these accusations!

Mutual respect and communication are so vitally important to any form of interpersonal contact. I'd bet my life that a woman will find you one million times more attractive if you treat her with respect and as a fellow human being, and not as some kind of sex toy. Be kind, be respectful, and be a real man. A real man doesn't sexually harass women.

As a man, I am so fed up with other men's behavior and lack of respect. Not everything is about sex or attractiveness. I honestly feel lucky to be a man because I would lose my mind if I was constantly being harassed, sexualized, and hit on. Women deserve to be treated as humans, not sexual objects for male gratification.

I can't believe I even have to say this, it's almost 2018 for crying out loud! When will we ever learn? It isn't hard to treat women with dignity and amicability. I know we can do better than this. we have to - because they deserve our best and nothing less.

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Writers are interesting people. When looking for a special person to have in their lives, there are certain qualities that stand out to them. The little things you do could mean a lot to a writer.

1. Text in complete sentences

While finishing each other's sentences would be a huge plus, all you really have to worry about is finishing your own. It doesn't have to be in MLA format or anything!

2. Use proper grammar

Knowing the correct their/there/they're and your/you're is super attractive to writers. And for most, it may actually be a deal-breaker.

3. Bring them coffee

Who knows when inspiration could strike. If it's late and they're awake writing, coffee will make them fall in love with you.

4. Read what they write

Tell them you want to read their content and let them know you like it. There is no better way to get to a writer's heart.

5. Don't judge them for what they're not doing so they can write

They don't want to go out because they have a deadline? Laundry is long overdue because they have an idea for an article? They haven't slept in three days writing something detrimental? It's all fine! Don't judge!

6. Don't tell them they're wasting their time

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7. Leave them alone right before deadline

I'm sure the writer you're pursuing loves having your attention... maybe just not the day before or of a deadline. They get stressed and you probably don't want to be near any of that anyway.

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9. Don't get overwhelmed by all the words they throw at you

Writers are just wordy people. They have a lot to say all the time. Don't take it as them being extra, embrace the fact that they want to tell you everything they're thinking.

Cover Image Credit: Lovianna Blackwell

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How My Mental Health Affects My Love Life

This is for the boy who told me I didn't have it put together.

In light of Valentine's Day, I've been thinking about my own (nonexistent) love life. Now, when I say nonexistent, I mean it wholeheartedly. I'm the girl my guy friends turn to and ask "You got any single friends?" Without fail, my answer is "No, I am the single friend."

I come from a very conservative Christian background and many of the people I know got married fairly young. A decent number of my friends from church are either engaged, married, or expecting. It's not that you're expected to get married young, but oftentimes that's how it ends up happening. Men will return from their mission and be engaged or married within a year. So as a nineteen year old who has never been in a serious relationship, I feel like I'm falling behind.

I've been in exactly one (one month long) relationship in my life, which is what inspired me to write this article. When the boy in question was breaking up with me, he made a point of telling me that I "don't have everything put together." Needless to say, that did not go over well with me at all.

First of all, NO ONE has everything put together. We try to act like we do, but in reality we're all struggling in our own ways. It's what makes us human.

Second of all, who was he to tell me that I don't have everything put together? Granted, I don't have everything put together, but it still was not his place to make that judgement. I'm the only one who can decide if I have it "put together." This statement of his particularly set me off because I may still be struggling, but I'm doing significantly better than I was a year ago.

As someone with bipolar disorder, I have major reservations when it comes to dating. I tend to form emotional attachments rather quickly, which can sometimes get me into trouble. Like I said, I've only been in one official "relationship" before, but it's not the only time I've ever come close to dating someone. I've "talked to" (for lack of a better word, I hate that phrase) a few boys, only to be ghosted or led on. It's become something of a pattern in my life and let me tell you, it doesn't feel good.

When I get ghosted, or when a guy leads me on for a while only to tell me he's not interested or whatever his excuse is, I start doubting myself. What makes me so undatable? Am I not attractive/smart/funny enough? No, it's probably the bipolar disorder. That, plus my anxiety and constant need for reassurance.

I begin to worry that it's because I'm too needy, too "moody," too much to handle. I shut myself off to people because I assume that that's how things are going to end--with them finding some flaw, some deal breaker, and deciding that it's not worth the effort of being with me. I get so scared that my mental health will be a deal breaker. But why should that be the case?

Answer: it shouldn't. No one should have those doubts about themself, especially over things that can't necessarily be controlled. I can't control the fact that I have anxiety and bipolar disorder, just like people can't control their height or their eye color. It would be stupid not to date someone because they have blue eyes and you want someone with green eyes, would it not? So why miss out on dating an amazing person just because they struggle with their mental health?

Just because someone is struggling with something that you don't understand doesn't mean that they're not worth your time. Take the time to understand them, love them, and appreciate them, even if it seems like you're taking a risk. Who knows? It could be the best risk you'll ever take.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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