To Non-People Of Color, Sit Down And Shut Up, This Is My Month

So. We all know what month it is. If you don't know , let me kindly and calmly let you know. It is BLACK HISTORY MONTH (BHM). This article does come towards the end and as a closer of sorts, but I celebrate every day 1 to 28 and beyond. This article is for those who have some confusion about why we, black people, bother to celebrate. Some people think the month shouldn't exist, or there isn't a reason why we celebrate because western culture has white-washed history and co-opted celebrations. This article is a Public Service Announcement for People

(Here is the sign for BHM in case someone really needs help understanding that this is our month)

If you are a non-person of color this is your chance to possibly learn a little something about why there is a need for celebration and highlighting of Black culture. Take the time to stop perpetuating your opinion and actually learn about another viewpoint. Of course you can do any of these things at anytime but it helps to have an annual catalyst for exploration.

BHM is a time to connect to your roots

Black History Month is a time for people to connect to where they came from (if they are able to trace lineage). If you can't trace linage there are websites that dictate general lineage and ancestry. It may not be about tracking the specifics, but getting a general understanding of the different ethic groups you could be a part of and understanding their beliefs. Learning your history makes you more informed and can create positive experiences.

BHM is a time to express "Black Joy"

Black History Month is a time for Black people to just be joyous and be themselves. Sometimes in western or white dominated fields it can be hard to embrace one's culture and feel free enough to display their joy and creativity. When February roles around you can feel empowered to embrace who you are and express yourself in your environment that may have no or limited diversity.

BHM is a time of Remembrance

Black History Month is a time for remembering and honoring all the amazing creators, inventors, leaders and collaborators. So many people fought for what they believed and paved a way for a more positive and equal life experience for Black Americans. We can never forget or let go of those individuals because we owe them a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. We can only remember them with reverence and respect.

BHM is a time to give back to your community

Black History Month is a time for giving back to your community. There are so many opportunities to lift up the general Black community as well as zone in on specific segments and industries. If you find yourself lacking time you can always vow to purchase from a couple of Black-Owned companies and small businesses. There is an app to explore the local Black-owned business in your area called Official Black Wall Street. There is also a website called We Buy Black that is really good for household items.

BHM is a time to celebrate your culture

Black History Month is a time for celebration. In general Black history Month is time to celebrate who you are and who we are as a people and you can do that in whatever way you see fit. There should never be a moment where we feel disconnected from each other but sadly it happens from time to time. Black History Month is like getting a booster shot every year to remind you "Be you. Do you. You are amazing." This article serves as a reminder and a "not so subtle" hint to those that critique Black History Month's relevance. It is a kind little post it note on their desk that reads "Sit Down. Shut Up. This is my month!"

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