11 Shows Netflix Could Cancel That Aren't 'One Day At A Time'
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11 Shows Netflix Could Cancel That AREN'T 'One Day At A Time'

"One Day At A Time" can be considered one of the greatest sitcoms of the 2010s so why cancel it?

11 Shows Netflix Could Cancel That AREN'T 'One Day At A Time'

Netflix canceling "One Day At A Time" has sparked an outcry amongst fans. Some are saying they're mad while others are full out starting petitions. Even the producers and cast members are unhappy about this decision.

ODAAT is about a Cuban-American family living in California. Penelope is a tough veteran who deals with PTSD and anxiety, she has two children Elena and Alex. Elena is a strong-willed feminist and proud lesbian, and has the cutest "Syd-nificant other" Sydney. Alex is a teen boy who learns about growing up Hispanic in America and deals with drugs and good choices. The grandmother Lydia is an angel who becomes an American citizen and their landlord is Schneider who is a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser.

This show is one of the most relatable T.V. sitcoms that is still enjoyable while teaching lessons. It tops anything else on Netflix right now, in my opinion. Every episode shows a new situation they must face as a family and it is quite possibly the best show ever. I haven't found anyone who's watched ODAAT and disliked it.

So why is Netflix canceling it? I have no clue. But I have accumulated 11 shows they can do without to save ODAAT.

1. "Black Summer"

The worst zombie show, absolutely ever. Everyone is pretending like they don't know what they're doing even though we all know how to kill zombies at this point. Also, the whole show is just hard to follow and watch, there is no reason for it to have been made.

2. "I Think You Should Leave"

Some of the skits are funny, but most of the time it feels like a knock off SNL.

3. "Thirteen Reasons Why"

Trash. A trash show. They literally made suicide rise after releasing the show. Why are we glorifying suicide and praising someone who literally blamed everyone else? As someone who has battled depression and has had multiple suicide attempts, it's a joke. The fact that Selena Gomez was behind this while being friends with Demi Lovato, who's also struggled with mental health, is a joke.

4.  "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Why did we have to turn the fun Sabrina into this seemingly gothic show? Sabrina made us all want to be teen witches but this just makes me scared to be out at night

5. "Love, Death, Robots"

I tried so hard to get through the first episode of this show and I just couldn't. I love casually binging shows and this just didn't even make the mark.

6. "Sex Education," "Special," "Bonding," etc.

All of these shows are actually really good, but it feels like every month Netflix is coming out with a new show solely about sex. Just pick one and roll with it, stop starting new stories and leaving them incomplete for months.

7. "Selling Sunset"

Twin brothers selling properties? DID YOU MEAN PROPERTY BROTHERS?! It is the exact same show except the brothers are clearly gross because all the women they hire are like foreign supermodels that are just there to look pretty.

8. "The Order"

It could've been really cool but the first few episodes just couldn't keep me fully interested. Has anyone ever said, "Hey you should marathon 'The Order'"? No. They haven't, Netflix is just really into teen crime horror shows.

9. "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile"

How much attention are we going to give Ted Bundy? This one is actually a movie but it came out right after Netflix also released the Ted Bundy tapes. Who at Netflix is so in love with a murderer that we have to get new stuff about him every month?

10. "You"

The show itself is fine but do we really need to romanticize another hot murderer. It just isn't normal how obsessed our culture is with hot guys that want to kill you. Also, him masturbating outside Bec's place should've turned everyone in the world off.

11. "Insatiable"

From someone who watched the whole show in a few days, I love it. However, compared to ODAAT it's so useless, it shows girls your life is more fun and crazy when you're skinny. Our world is too impressionable to watch this as the bullshit show it is.

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