22 Little Things We Should Appreciate More
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22 Little Things We Should Appreciate More

Life is made up of the little moments.

22 Little Things We Should Appreciate More

There are a lot of things our world holds which we tend to forget make us feel completely content with ourselves. As plain as they may be, these feelings and moments remind us of simple happiness, and bring out the true meaning behind the phrase, "it's the little things." Here's my personal list, in no particular order, which I believe many can agree and relate with:

1. Cold pasta at midnight

Ah, first of all cold pasta at any time of the day is already a good time. But when you get late night carb cravings, and you discover a bowl of leftover penne in your fridge, your heart can't help but swoon. This is bliss.

2. Waking up to memes/late night Snapchats

Late night Snapchats and memes from your friends are different from daytime ones, usually a bit more wild and spontaneous, making them especially fun to open. You never know what to brace yourself for in the morning - shower snaps, videos of drunk friends, or another take on the classic, "cracking open a cold one."

3. Weird food that only you thoroughly enjoy

We all have that one food combo that nobody else likes but us. Pickles with peanut butter, bacon dipped in chocolate, or horseradish ice cream - keep doing you! Be grateful for the weird treats you, and only you can relish in!

4. The people who take your cart so you don't have to walk it all the way across the parking lot

These are the people who deserve all good things in life. How kind to save a neighbor the 40-foot walk when you can take their cart for them! I'm so grateful these people exist.

5. When you find $5 in a random purse/wallet you don't use often but happened to use

Finding money in weird places is like your past self saying, "hey future self, let's see if you'll discover your own buried treasure!" You feel like a genius and a baller at the same time. Best feeling EVER.

6. Really aesthetically pleasing fonts (esp Helvetica)

Like the pup in the gif, whenever I see very beautiful font types or a collaboration of different fonts that work well together, my ears perk up and I feel super put together. Since we can't control all things in our lives, knowing we can control how classy our formal papers/documents look is a feeling to be grateful for.

7. Coupons

Whoever conceptualized coupons is my hero. Save $2 on your next purchase on Amazon? I'm all in. BOGO Starbucks macchiatos? I'm there, sister. Free ice cream with any purchase at McDonald's? You already know it's a good day. Coupons are the secret formula to saving money AND becoming happy. How can we not be grateful for them!?

8. When the bath water is at the perfect temperature between lukewarm and scalding

Baths are the best. What makes them even better is when you balance the perfect temperature water; that happy medium can make or break your bathtime experience. So on the occasion where the temperature is perfect, you gotta enjoy it and be thankful that you can sit in your own warm dirt blissfully.

9. Stickers

Although Ron Swanson may not love them, stickers are the best. Wanna distract your kid for 20 minutes? Give them a plain piece of paper and a sticker book. Happiness galore. Wanna make an adult happy? Do the same thing. Stickers are little adherent pieces of happiness for all to enjoy.

10. That moment after you laugh really hard and you think about how long it's been since you've enjoyed something that much

Not only does laughing biologically make us happy by releasing endorphins, emotionally we feel so good inside after a gooood long laugh. What makes laughing really hard even better is when, afterward, we think about how long it's been since we felt that way before, and we feel grateful for the feeling of elation.

11. Naps with dogs

Two in one deal right here - dogs AND naps. I personally am SO grateful for both. Naps are the only reason why I've survived my lowly 18 years, and doggos bring boundless amounts of joy, and together they make the world paradise. We are so blessed.

12. People who understand the importance of mutual effort

Mutual effort is so difficult to come across nowadays. Many people abuse the word "friend" - it's lost its value. A good friend is someone who shows just as much affection and trusts to you as you do them, and if you find someone like that, it's another thing to always hold close to your heart.

13. People who tell you the truth regardless of how harsh it may be

We all have that one person who tells it as it is. As tough as it may be to hear facts you yourself avoid, we must always appreciate those who give it to you straight; it's because of them that we take matters into our own hands and better ourselves.

14. The smell of really fresh hair

Taking a shower is a feat on its own, so pulling your hair out of a ponytail and smelling coconut pineapple paradise, or strawberry watermelon perfection is a sign that a) you are clean and b) you smell like heaven. We be lucky.

15. Skipping

Something I don't do often enough but brings me great amounts of joy is skipping. Whenever I do skip, I always feel nostalgic for my childhood and remember all of the good times I had growing up - something to be grateful for. Bonus brownie points if you skip with your arm linked to a pal!

16. That feeling when you cry a lot and it actually makes you feel better afterward

Nobody's life is perfect, and sometimes a good cry is all that we need to get out of some funky blues. Releasing the negative energy and feeling so much better afterward is a feeling to always be grateful for.

17. The people who will go out of their way to help you, like at Safeway when you don't know where they keep some obscure spice and the employee takes a solid 10 minutes helping you

Sometimes I desperately go on hunts for strange things at the store and feel completely lost for 10 minutes, "where the f!*k is the gnocchi?!" Along comes the angelic store attendant, who is so kind as to walk you to the exact location, "yeah, nobody ever thinks it'd be in the pasta aisle." These people are quite literally the best, and just like Jim Halpert, I almost want to kiss them for their aisle expertise.

18. People who make sure you walked into the house before they drive away

Again, these are the people who deserve the world. In our society, it's not uncommon to hear tales of abduction "only 50 feet away from their home/work/school," so knowing that you have a friend who cares and makes sure you're safe is something to always be grateful for.

19. New tennis shoes

New shoes can make everyone feel like they're on top of the world. Whether it's a flashy new pair of stilettos or bright and shiny Adidas for school, new shoes are like babies that we can care for and show off, and of course, they complete any outfit.

20. When people text you and refer to something they just experienced, followed by "I thought of you"

This special feeling doesn't happen often, but when it does, we always have to be grateful. It's amazing when you get an unexpected text from someone and they bring back a sentiment you two shared. It shows how you're on someone's mind and that they register happy things with you - it's a true experience of love and care.

21. Fierce lady friendships

You know who I'm talking about. She's your wing-woman, steps in as the mom sometimes, and will always be your soul sister. She stands up for you, believes in everything you're doing (even if it's not the best choice) and loves you constantly - always be grateful for her.

22. Dance parties

Whether it's with your roommate, alone, or with an entire room of people, dance parties bring out the best. Getting down to some popping tunes can brighten up even the worst day, and it's something to never take for granted.

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