Paying college athletes has been a controversy in the last decade. So here is the question, what do we think? Now I've asked around, and I seem to be getting a lot of different answers. There are people who say they get what they get, they already get a full-ride to college, and now they want more? All they do is throw a ball and catch right? Then you have people who say that athletes practice over forty hours a week day and night and then they have to go to class. They work longer then some employees and at this point they are steered to practice more then academics. They are not allowed to receive any form of money, they aren't allowed to use their name, image, and likeness to make money. At least not while they are an athlete, but regular students have free reign. So what do you say?

Without me having to say much? What do you as readers think? It's a rough topic, and I'd like to keep it very nice and open to everyone who has different opinions. So here's a little inside information. Athletes eligibility is determined by their coaches each ear, meaning their scholarship is renewable each year. College football and basketball (both men and women) generate abundance amount of money. The NCAA is adamant that college sports should relate to educational purposes. They are students first and therefore they should not receive any additional checks or money. Do you think the revenue that college sports is generating that athletes should get paid at some extent. Should they be grateful with what they have already received, or should they receive a check, or more benefits?