A Short Hiatus
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A Short Hiatus

Adjö for the time being.

A Short Hiatus
Hello Sweden Language Courses

In a few days, I will be going on an adventure of a lifetime. One which will restrict me from the capabilities of writing a weekly article. On Jan. 12, I will be leaving the states to spend several days in Goteborg, Sweden. In the few weeks that I will be gone, I will be touring several companies to understand the operations of international business and marketing strategies.

This trip will be my first time on a plane. My first time out of the country. And I cannot even begin to express how excited, but nervous, I am. Although, the enthusiasm is definitely outweighing the nerves.

We've been studying Sweden this past week. We've been learning the history and the culture. Did you know the Swedes speak better English than we do? Or that they don't typically invite people to their homes, even if they've been very good friends for years? Or that health care is free, due to taxation? In fact, the Swedes seem to have high social morality and responsibility. The more I learn about Sweden, the more I want to live there. Although, I have yet to find out about the drag racing policies. I suppose I will have to hold out on determining my future living place until I know how much it will cost to ship a chevelle to Sweden.

Swedish money looks like monopoly money. It's colorful and smaller than our money. It's called Krona and it's worth more than one U.S. dollar. It's not as thick as a dollar either.

When I was first presented with this trip and committed to it, the thing I most feared was the food. Goteborg is right on the water, so I was worried about the fish that would be flopped onto my plate day after day. I hate fish, by the way. Thankfully, I've been squared away that there are far more delicacies to be tried than just sea food.

It's going to be a jam-packed adventure filled with several new opportunities. Luckily, the entire experience will be recorded on a blog. The blog will be kept daily and will include pictures and videos of my excursions. So if you're missing my writings and want to follow my experience, here is the link: Kaseyduncaninsweden.wordpress.com

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