Why Shopping Vintage is Actually Amazing
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Why Shopping Vintage is Actually Amazing

"Which mom jeans should I wear out tonight?"

Why Shopping Vintage is Actually Amazing
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For the past few years now, I've really admired the style of vintage clothing, so I decided to try it out and see if I enjoyed thrifting for vintage (and second-hand) clothing. And guys, let me tell you — it's incredible. There are so many great reasons why you should start thrifting for vintage/second-hand clothing, and it's not just for the "classic" style.

1. By purchasing vintage clothing, you're supporting local businesses.

Local businesses make your town/city go round! They're unique and special, and buying from local shops keeps them open for you and the employees who dedicate their time to work there.

2. It's stylish.

Buying vintage/second-hand clothing makes your own wardrobe unique since you aren't purchasing your clothes from a huge clothing company (and 9 times out of 10, it's probably cuter).

3. You avoid supporting large companies that advocate sweatshops and other immoral methods of production.

Not every large company uses unethical methods of production, but you're helping to put a stop to the companies that do so. Yay!

4. You're already covered for a decades party.

"Which pair of mom jeans should I choose tonight?"

5. It's so much more affordable.

No joke guys, I got a pair of vintage Levi shorts for 15 bucks today. If you had bought those brand new, they would've probably been at least 45 bucks. And if you're like me, that broke college student brain of yours says "NAH".

6. Buying second hand/vintage clothing even helps reduce waste.

In most cases, unwanted clothing is put into landfills, which is obviously not good. By shopping second hand, you're reducing the amount of waste. It doesn't sound like a lot, but every little bit helps!

7. You can experiment with new styles.

Since the clothing is typically cheaper, finding out what kind of style you're into is exciting and you're not paying a lot! Plus, the clothing you'll find is super diverse, you'll literally find something new every time.

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