I will be the first person to admit that I may have a slight shopping problem… OK more like a lot, but who's keeping track anyways?

I know that I am not alone though in my self-diagnosis as a shopaholic. I am sure that there are plenty of other compulsive buyers out there.

I mean I don't have several credit cards like Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic, but I defiantly know that I have a hard time saying no to myself when I see something randomly.

That being said, here are 20 things that all shopaholics have thought before.

1. Do I really need that?

This is that question that you ask yourself when you are trying to control yourself.

 2. No, no I don’t

You think this when you are trying to talk yourself out of getting something.

 3. Actually, yes I do

But then you realize how foolish you are being and that you do indeed need that item.

4.  Oh my gosh just look at that

This is what you say every time you see something that you know you just can't go home without.

5. I’ve never needed anything more in my life than I do this

How did you even live without it before?

 6. This could have a ton of uses! I would use this all of the time!

 7. It’s basically an investment

I mean you are going to use it all the time!

 8. OK, so I don’t really have the money to buy this right now…

That sad moment that every shopaholic has unless your one of the Kardashian/Jenners.

  9. But it may be gone before I can come back and get it. I’m getting it.

10. This just feels so right

The mall is your home.

11. Walking out with tons of shopping bags is the best feeling. Why don’t I do this more often?

12. Wait, I NEED that!

Just as you are trying to leave something always has to catch your eye.

 13. I don’t even know where this money is coming from

14. But does it really matter?

YES! Yes it does!

We are masters at deceiving ourselves.

15. I can’t stop thinking about that one thing I walked by 5 minutes ago. I have to get it.

16. This is honestly destiny. This was made for me.

Destiny I tell you!

17. Wait why is my balance below $25?

You think that someone must have stolen your credit card or something. That couldn't have been your fault.

 18.  OK, my bank account is crying


19. I need to stop doing this

20.  But it just feels so good.