Why Shawn Mendes Is So Popular
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Shawn Mendes Is The Heartthrob This Generation Deserves

Please "Have Mercy" on us, Shawn.

Shawn Mendes

Unless you've been living under a rock, you definitely know Shawn Mendes is one of the biggest stars in the world right now. His career began with him making Youtube and Vine videos of himself singing, which quickly skyrocketed him into the spotlight.

Not only does Mendes have a falsetto that could instantly melt anyone's heart, but his Canadian charm makes him hard to resist. Previous heartthrobs have had a bad boy side to them that makes them desirable, but, contrarily, Mendes does not and it makes him that much more desirable. He has had no big scandal to tarnish his reputation as of yet, and I think I speak for most of his fans when I say this behavior streak continues.

With his third studio self-titled album that was released earlier this year on May 25th, his career is flourishing with success. Shawn's even preparing to embark on a world tour next spring! He does not let his fame go unappreciated either. He is one of the most humble and genuine celebrities out there right now who is outwardly thankful to all of his fans for his success. Before releasing his album, he invited a lucky group of fans to listen to his album with him for the first time.

Mendes cares about his fans and wanted them to have a chance to listen to his album with him before it was released. Seeing as Mendes is only twenty-years-old, he definitely understands how intense and expensive following artists can be in this day and age. Doing little things like these listening sessions or simply meeting fans outside of his hotel keeps his fans hopeful for a chance to meet him.

See Shawn's talent and fan love for yourself! Doesn't he make you swoon?

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