'Sharknado': The Life Lessons

*Spoiler Alert*

On July 11, 2013, Los Angeles, California was hit by a detrimental storm that only one man could save them from. That one man was none other than Fin Shepard.

Alright, now if you recognize that name then you are a true "Sharknado" fan, and you know that the "storm" that hit L.A. that I'm talking about is a fake storm made up by the SyFy channel. It has since created three sequels and had multiple guest appearances, including David Hasselhoff, Todd Chrisley (of "Chrisley Knows Best"), Wayne Newton, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kelly Osborn, the cast of "The Today Show," NeYo, Kelly Ripa and much more.

While many view "Sharknado" as just a silly movie that makes little to no logical sense, I am here to say that everyone should view the "Sharknado" movies at least once because of the life lessons that they can bestow upon you. Clearly, there is something magnificent about these movies that the stars themselves seem to act in them, and it cannot be for the sheer fact that it's just a silly movie.

"Sharknado" teaches their viewers these nine lessons throughout their four movies:

1. You cannot always predict the weather.

Having lived in Missouri all my life, let me be the first one to tell you, the weather is our worst enemy. One minute you can wear flip flops and the next, you can see snow flurries (not kidding, that has happened to me before). However, you adjust and you live with what you know and pray that you are dealt a nice hand.

2. Know self-defense or have a weapon close by at all times.

In this iconic scene shown above from the first movie, Nova, the hip bar waitress is being saved from a shark by a regular and his favorite stool. That stool just goes to show you that literally anything in life can be a weapon to defend and protect yourself. In life, you meet some pretty crazy people, and you have to know how to protect yourself, no matter what you have near at the time.

3. Make friends with smart people.

Fin is the superhero of the "Sharknado" movies, if you will. In almost every movie, you can see Fin doing something crazy awesome with the chainsaw. Not only is Ian Ziering's character super awesome with the chainsaw, but he also can defeat any "Sharknado" every time. I don't know about you, but he is one smart cookie and one friend I want to have around in any situation.

4. Sharks are SUPER resilient.

If you have been living under a rock and have missed Shark Week for the past, I don't know, long time, let me just tell you, sharks are legit, especially "Sharknado" sharks. This shark seen above (and in the picture below) travels through space and lands back on earth with two humans inside of it (sorry for the spoiler alert if you have not seen these movies). So, if you have seen Shark Week, you know that Great White sharks can leap out of the ocean and practically just run the world. Boss. Status.

5. Expect the unexpected in life.

As I mentioned above, this shark traveled through space! While I know that typically doesn't happen in "real life," I bet no one really expected half the things that have happened in today's time period to happen. If you asked your grandparents if they thought they would ever have something called "wifi," do you think they would say yes? Probably not. Expect the unexpected. Plan now, and do not get blindsided.

6. Know your meteorology.

Knowing weather can literally save you in the event that weather turns from bad to worse. So, know your weather. Know how a tornado is made. Know your water cycle and all that fun jazz. Do you think that Fin ever thought he would have to know about climate and pressure before he exploded the first Sharknado? No. He didn't, but I am happy he did.

7. Safety first.

Always watch your surroundings. Life gets tough and people (or Sharknadoes) are going to try and get you down. Play it safe and don't risk anything. Watch your back and be smart.

8. There are no rules in life.

Remember when I said the shark carried two humans and a baby back from space? Behold. The shark birth of a baby. There are no rules in life. Before "Sharknado," we would've said this baby wouldn't have made it due to the space pressure. But look! Baby made it. There are no rules in life and life is always changing and adapting.

9. Fame can be VERY dangerous.

In every "Sharknado," the storms have taken place in a famous city. L.A. New York. Washington D.C. Orlando. Las Vegas.

I'm not saying these places are bad, but fame leads to dangerous things. These places are known for being "places to go to make something of yourself" and yet, they get hit by destruction. Maybe "Sharknado" is telling us these people are self-destructing instead of growing.

While some will always view "Sharknado" as just some dumb comedy that is not even worth watching, I am here to say that I will forever watch "Sharknado" and embrace the movies. I love every silly corny joke, dumb line and horrible acting experience in the movie and the life lessons can seriously be applied.

If you have not seen "Sharknado," I highly recommend viewing them at least once. Enjoy!

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