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2 Conspiracy Theories Explained By Shane Dawson That Will Make Your Head Spin

Let's talk conspiracy theories!


If you're anything like me, watching the news these days or keeping up with trending topics is exhausting and a bit depressing. As I have gotten older, I have realized that not everything on the news is true and that people can twist things to look a certain way. I recently have grown a love for watching conspiracy theory videos. Now don't go calling me crazy or anything. I'm not saying that I believe everything they say in these videos, but it has given me a different perspective on certain situations and made me ask the question, "Do I believe everything the government tells us?" Let's take a look at two very popular conspiracy theories in America explained by Shane Dawson.

1. 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

This is probably one of the most popular conspiracy theories out there. We all obviously know what happened on September 11, 2001, two planes flew into the World Trade Center and one in the Pentagon. Some believe that bombs were planted throughout the Twin Towers and that 9/11 wasn't an accident but planned by President George W. Bush. I know this sounds crazy, but it is reported that many people and firefighters said they heard bombs going off right before the attack. Some believe that planes never hit the towers. That they were digitally put in for the media to see. If you look at video clips very closely, every once in a while, a wing of the plane will disappear like it's a glitch or something. What's even weirder is on one of the towers, there is no exit hole from the plane, but if you watch the video, the nose of the plane clearly goes through the building. These are obviously all just conspiracies, but it does make you wonder if 9/11 was a terrorist attack or planned by our own government.

2. Landing on the Moon

This is another huge conspiracy theory and one that is very believable. Some say that the U.S. wasn't the first to land on the moon on July 20 in 1969 or at least what you saw on the news was all an act. The U.S. really wanted to land on the moon first but didn't have all of the technology to do it yet. Instead, they filmed the whole thing live and said they made it there first. If you look closely at the video of us landing on the moon, there are four major things that stick out. The first is that if you look closely, you can actually see what looks like wires in a movie set, making the astronauts have no gravity. The second is if you look into one of the astronaut's face masks, you can see a stage light hanging in front of him. The third, there is literally not one star to be found. You would think, they're in outer space on the moon. There should be thousands of stars, but no. It's pitch black. Lastly, the creepiest one. When they put the flag in the moon, it was literally waving back and forth. There isn't any wind in outer space and the flag was clearly waving. Again, these are all just conspiracies, but the evidence doesn't look so good.

These are all just conspiracies, but they do make your head spin and give the world a different perspective. I highly recommend checking out more of Shane's conspiracy theory videos or just doing your own research on this stuff. You will get lost into it before you know it and who knows what you will learn/find.

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