My sexuality is no one's business for two reasons: I have never paid anyone to force me to meet who they think are my potential "significant others," and 'a business' is also a group of ferrets.

I am not allowed to be a single heterosexual female. I have not dated in a few years, and the experience has been enlightening. Society cannot accept my single status for what it is. Society seeks to change it.

Society is wrong.

I partially would like to blame the romantic comedies that make people believe that the only relationship worth pursuing in life is a romantic one. What's worse, they usually try to make it seem as if people are incomplete until they find a partner that makes them complete.

I am a whole person. I can think for myself, talk for myself, and take care of myself. However, people usually thrive in communities because they have flaws. I have flaws, I accept them, but having these flaws does not mean that all of them will be fixed by dating someone I do not have feelings for. People confuse emotional isolation with 'single' status. I can be single and be mentally healthy with friends. No one NEEDS a meaningless romantic relationship.

That's the trick: people end up in romantic relationships because they share romantic feelings. The chemistry between two people cannot be manufactured. No matter how much a person can push my buttons, there is not a specific sequence that will grant them access to my heart. There is no passcode, finger scanner, or any other device that can turn organic feelings into something robotic and controllable.

Being single has had its limitations. Some people have taken it upon themselves to decide what kind of person would suit me best in a romantic relationship. People have tried to figure out what kind of transportation I find attractive, what color I find most attractive when other people wear it, and even have tried to convince certain people to order the same drink as me because apparently, that must be attractive too.

Ultimately, who I am attracted to is a personal matter, not a public one. I should not have to explain to people that they cannot force me to meet someone who they think is wearing the "right" shirt, pants, shoes, glasses, hat, etc and think that I will suddenly fall in love. There is no "right" career, mode of transportation, ethnicity, height, weight, muscle mass, or anything else that will force me to have feelings for someone. Feelings are not made by a scientific formula. Forcing me to look at someone is still not going to make me engage in love at first sight.

As a single heterosexual female, I have learned that I do not have social protection. I should not have to be in a meaningless relationship to not be society's victim of matchmaking. If I talk to a girl for too long, I am accused of being homosexual. If I talk to a guy too long, I am accused of having a crush on him. If I speak to anyone who is already is in a monogamous relationship, I am poisonous vixen that needs to be released from society. People assume that the motives of people around them are primarily based upon sexuality instead of friendship. These assumptions are false, and being single should not validate me being treated like a public problem that needs mending. This is ridiculous, and my sexuality is still no one's business. Unless you have more than one ferret in your possession, you may not even have a proper business.