Examples of Sexual Harassment on TV
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7 Times Our Favorite TV Shows Gave Us Clear Examples Of Sexual Harassment

Sometimes it's not always easy to see.

7 Times Our Favorite TV Shows Gave Us Clear Examples Of Sexual Harassment

What a time to be alive. I feel like every other headline I read is another big man in the entertainment industry being revealed as a sexual predator. It's terrifying that people deal with this in the workplace every day.

Every. Single. Day. The workplace has become a scary place.

Now, in terms of these big men in the media, a lot of their statements in response to the accusations have been "I didn't know that that was considered harassment". As dumb of a response as that may seem, it probably is true that some of them just didn't know or understand. I have to explain to my male friends a lot that certain things can be seen differently than they are intending.

So I have gathered some visual examples from TV of what can be deemed as sexual harassment, just to help out some of the men that might be a bit confused.

1. Andy perusing Angela on "The Office"

I know this might be a bit hurtful to use "The Office" as my first example, but it's the first one I noticed and what brought me to write this. Andy Bernard, good ol' Cornell alum that he is, so forcefully persuaded Angela at work. Singing to her, constantly following her and getting in her face while she was trying to work. I know it's funny to watch Andy make a fool of himself, but if stuff like that were to happen to someone just while she was trying to work it's almost scary.

Not to mention he did this in front of all of their co-workers, which can be extremely embarrassing for Angela. This example stuck out to me the most just because Angela said to Andy that she was not interested, and in response he said he wouldn't stop trying until she changed her mind. Him refusing to accept that she said no...that's harassment.

2. When Derek tries to coerce Meredith back onto his neuro team on "Grey's Anatomy"

We could talk about the problems with "Grey's Anatomy" for years honestly, but for the sake of this article we're only gonna talk about one. In season 8, Meredith says she no longer wants to work under Derek on his neuro team simply because it just doesn't interest her, she wanted to be a different type of surgeon. That should be okay, shouldn't it? Apparently not, because in response Derek is extra affectionate and lovey and even touchy at work because he couldn't stand the thought of Meredith not working for him.

3. The final return of Jimmy/Steve on "Shameless"

Jimmy/Steve returns again and this time we're not happy about it. He returns after Fiona spontaneously marries Gus, a musician she just met. He cleverly convinces Fiona to have sex with him after she tells him no multiple times because she's married. Then later he does it again, knowing how guilty she feels until she begins to cry while he has sex with her. I know most people like to hate Fiona for cheating, but having watched this show in its entirety four times, I kinda hate Jimmy for it.

4. Barney Stinson on "How I Met Your Mother"

There are a million examples, but I'll try to keep this short. The naked man episode. The premise of "the naked man" is a stunt that when you're with a girl after a date, only one date, she leaves the room and the man very quickly removes all his clothes and then just because he's naked, she's supposed to have sex with him. Barney Stinson is a womanizer, most sitcoms have one, but Barney is a new level of feeling like he is entitled to all women. He literally lies to them and gets them drunk to take advantage of them. ALSO he admits to filming girls have sex with him without their consent.

5. Pete Campbell and Peggy Olson on "Mad Men"

This is a bit of a rough example, the show does take place in the 60s and sure, while times were different then, these scenarios do still occur. Pete likes Peggy as a shy, ugly girl and only as the shy, ugly girl that he can just have when he pleases. When she's out dancing happy and celebrating he doesn't like her anymore. Men don't seem to like a successful woman so he brings her down and constantly insults her throughout the show for being better than him.

6. The chef on "Two Broke Girls"

This man yells sexual comments at all his female co-workers and pretty much says nothing else to them.

7. When Ross sees Rachel naked on "Friends"

This happens a couple times. Once pretty much immediately after they break up, Ross is helping Rachel get ready after she has a terrible pain in her side. Sweet, sure but after she asks him to help her get dressed she says that she doesn't want him to see her naked. In response he mocks her saying he can see her naked whenever he wants in his head because that's "his right as the ex-boyfriend." Ross is an awful person, but him taunting Rachel like that is humiliating. The second time is when Ross accidentally sees Rachel naked in her apartment and automatically assumes it's an invitation for him to come over for sex. Feeling entitled to just have someone, whether they're your friend or your ex is a form of harassment.

Hopefully, these examples can help someone see the different types of sexual harassment there are, and even if they don't mean to be acting a certain way, this is how they could be coming off.

One final note, I know all of my examples have women as the victim, but sexual harassment can happen to anyone. It is so important for EVERYONE to respect others boundaries and the word no.

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