I'm scared to walk to my car alone.

I'm scared of the guy who stares a little too long at the gas station.

I'm scared to make eye contact.

I'm scared to wear clothes that are revealing.

I'm scared that I'll have to raise my children in a world where sexual assault is overlooked and forgotten.

I'm scared that assault cases are all over the news but no justice is given.

I'm scared that I'll never be able to feel safe walking campus at night.

I'm scared that women have to change the way they do daily activities just to avoid assault.

I'm scared that things will never change.

I'm scared for the women that wonder why this happened to them.

I'm scared that they will be silenced when it comes to their pain.

I'm scared that sexual assault has become a norm.

I'm terrified that rapists like Brock Turner walk free every day while women aren't heard.

Both men and women are sexually assaulted or harassed daily. In the more recent news, several celebrities like Ed Westwick and Danny Masterson, cases have been dropped after multiple sexual allegations against them. We hear about sexual assault cases yet they are often dropped all too often. Coming forward about an assault is brave but heartbreaking to have a judge determine that your pain was only worth your attacker spending 3 months in jail. For anyone who has been sexually assaulted please call 1-800-656-4673 for immediate help, or if a friend or loved one is struggling with their assault here is some tips for talking with survivors of sexual assault.

Stay strong. Push Forward.