Sexual Assault Happens On Every College Campus
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Sexual Assault Happens On Every College Campus

Even your campus.

Sexual Assault Happens On Every College Campus

I am among the millions of people who are outraged about Brock Turner's light sentence. I am angry, I empathize with the victim, and I am hoping I get the chance to smack Brock Turner in my lifetime. But we're all forgetting one thing...

This happens on our campuses too. We have all American athletes raping and attacking students on our campus. We are all susceptible to becoming the next victim. It happened at Stanford, it can happen with us. We need to be aware of that. We need to be willing to fight back against that.

One of my close friends was sexually assaulted around the time Brock Turner sexually assaulted his victim in 2015. And then another one of my friends was sexually assaulted as soon as the verdict was handed down. Why is that? My campus is across the country, why is this not making the news if Turner's case did? Is all sexual assault not viewed equally?

Enough with the rhetorical questions. It's time to take action. My campus, just like your campus, is perpetuating its own rape culture. Enough is enough. Let's stop saying we're going to do something about it and actually fucking do something.

There is too much at stake to stand by and watch our friends get hurt. You're drunk and someone takes advantage of you? Call the fucking police. Enough with this "oh he's a nice guy he was drunk" bullshit. You're sober and someone takes advantage of you? Call the fucking police. No more excuses for letting RAPISTS walk around OUR campus. I don't care if it's your roommate's best friend's boyfriend who got drunk and raped Jane Doe. There's no excuse. No more of this "well there was mixed signals" or "he didn't mean it" or "nobody will believe me". FUCK THAT SHIT. I fucking believe you. Someone did something to you and you need a safe place to call the police? Call me. Text me. Fucking send smoke signals to me. I will listen. I am saying this now and forever, I will not stand sexual assault on my campus anymore.



i no se presentará a asalto sexual en mi campus.

أنا لن يرشح نفسه لاعتداء جنسي في الحرم الجامعي بلدي

Jeg vil ikke stå for seksuelle overgreb på min campus.

Make it a point to not allow sexual assault on your campus anymore. Do not stand by and allow victimization to occur. Stop slut-shaming. Enough is fucking enough. We will not allow any more sexual violence on our campuses. The justice system might not hear us, so let's make it a point that someone does.

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