No, It Does Not Matter What Women Wear, And Yes, Man Can Be Assaulted Too
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No, It Does Not Matter What Women Wear, And Yes, Man Can Be Assaulted Too

This is just common sense.

No, It Does Not Matter What Women Wear, And Yes, Man Can Be Assaulted Too
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April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. In honor of it, here are some facts, as well as ways to keep it from occurring anywhere, whether on campus, a bar, a club, your home or anywhere.

The only way to prevent it is, don't assault anyone!

Just don't do it.

According to the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, seven out of 10 rapes are committed by someone that the victim knows. But this can stop if potential rapists just don't rape anyone, whether a friend, significant other or acquaintance. It's pretty much common sense.

"Boys will be boys" is not an excuse. It is not a women's job to be responsible for male behavior. A man should be taught from an early age that full consent is essential and not just in regards to sex.

It doesn't matter what they're wearing.

No matter how low-cut a girl's dress is or how drunk she is, still don't do it. Regardless of what some may still believe, it will never be her fault.

A girl dressing up is not an invitation for anyone to grope us, nor does it mean that we wish to engage in any kind of sexual activity with you.

AND, a woman being alone with a man should not make any difference. There are many reasons a woman may go somewhere alone with a man that has nothing to do with sex.

Believe it or not, it is possible for a male and female to be just friends with no romantic or sexual feelings on either side.

Men can be assaulted too.

I know that "feminism" is a buzz word from all sides of the matter, but true feminism should also be about standing behind male victims of sexual assault as well.

It's the patriarchy that puts out the idea that all men want sex all the time so they can never be forced into it by a woman, and that is one of the ideas that feminism is fighting against.

Rape is committed against about three percent of men in the United States, by any gender, but it is usually reported far less than that because of the fear of ridicule or shame that victims of all genders feel.

There is one exception where you can assault someone, though!

Kidding, there is no reason or circumstance whatsoever that allows you to sexually assault anyone, female, male or otherwise.

Survivors of sexual assault, we all stand in this together.

P.S. One last thing, even if you get elected to the highest position in the U.S, that does not absolve you of being a rapist/sexual abuser. Nor does it absolve the politicians that you endorse who are also abusers.

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