The 7 Wonders Of York, Maine
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The 7 Wonders Of York, Maine

You may know of the Seven Wonders of the World, but York, Maine is pretty great too.

The 7 Wonders Of York, Maine

If you have not yet made your way to the one of most beautiful towns in the country, it's time that you stop depriving yourself of the beauty that is York, Maine. York is a small town that's home to about 13,000 people, 3 golf clubs, 4 indescribable beaches, and one beautiful mountain. Many find themselves venturing to this little town for the warm summer months, but York is truly beautiful all year round. If you ever find yourself in this quaint little beach town, us natives have a few suggestions as to where you absolutely must go; also known as the Seven Wonders of York, Maine.

1. Harbor Beach

We'll let you in on a little secret here. The best beach in York, Maine is Harbor Beach. We like to keep this a secret, to keep all the tourists off this amazing little spot, but I think everyone deserves to know about this exquisite beach. Don't be fooled by the more commercialized Short Sands Beach, because Harbor definitely takes the cake for most beautiful beach.

2. York Harbor Cliff Path

If you make your way to Harbor Beach, you might as well take a stroll up to the next "wonder", and this would be the Cliff Path that is located right next to Harbor Beach. From here, you will get an amazing view of all the ocean from a different perspective. If you look close enough, you might even be able to find a few hidden beaches.

3. Mount Agamenticus

If you happen to live somewhere with big mountains that are good for skiing, you will probably think that Mount A. is pretty wimpy. When you get to the top though, which shouldn't be difficult for even inexperienced hikers, there is a view you cannot beat.

4. The Nubble Lighthouse

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The Nubble Lighthouse is quite possibly one of the most popular tourist attractions in York, Maine, and for good reason. The lighthouse is a beautiful sight any time of the year, but one of my favorites has always been after the lighthouse has been lit up. Each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, "The Lighting of the Nubble" takes place, which is definitely the perfect night to experience the Nubble.

5. Wiggly Bridge

Yes, this bridge actually does wiggle. After you cross the Wiggly Bridge, you'll come to the Steedman Woods. Although this might be one of the shortest hiking loops that's ever existed, it's still a beautiful walk to take if you're looking to go on a little adventure in York, Maine.

6. Fisherman's Walk

A personal favorite of mine is the Fisherman's Walk. Right across the street from the Wiggly Bridge, you'll find this beautiful seaside walk. It's the perfect spot for a sunrise jog or an evening stroll.

7. Longsands Beach

Many people come to visit York, Maine simply for our beautiful beaches. If you see nothing else other than Longsands Beach, you would have still had the ultimate York, Maine experience. Longsands is 1.6 miles of sandy goodness, and maybe you'll even get lucky and visit during the one week of the year where the water is actually bearable.

York, Maine is not your typical beach town. Our town is full of character and history, and complete with beauty and tranquility. The Seven Wonders of the World I am sure are quite something, but those places will never be home to me, so I prefer the Seven Wonders of York, Maine.

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