7 Thoughts You Have While Preparing For The LSAT
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7 Thoughts You Have While Preparing For The LSAT

This exam may be hard. But guess what? I’m harder.

7 Thoughts You Have While Preparing For The LSAT

1. Are you effing kidding me? It costs how much to register to this exam?

Ahh, registration, the beginning of the end. Registration is where you first realize that getting into law school is going to be no joke. First off, it costs you $180 to even take the stupid exam. Registration is where the panic and stress officially start to set in and you realize that this sh*t isn’t going to be easy.

2. Are you effing kidding me? Study material costs how much?

If you thought registration was bad, get ready for another sucker punch. Study material isn’t cheap. And the good stuff, that’ll cost you at least one of your kidneys.

3. How rich do you have to be to actually do this?

This is the thought I dwell on. I’m convinced that the law school admission process is carefully crafted to complement the assets of rich kids. First off, I shed a big, sad, crocodile tear while registering for this exam. You know why? Because I just had to fork over at least two days' pay. Rich kids don’t bat an eyelash at the $180 required to register. Second, the better the study material, the pricier it is. Yea you can buy mediocre study material for cheap(ish) but like I said, it's mediocre. The real good stuff, like actual LSAT prep classes or Apps that have LSAT geniuses on call, that’ll cost you an organ (or seven).

4. I can do this.

Somewhere, somehow you muster up some optimism to light your way throughout the process. You’re registered, you’re well equipped with study material, you’re ready.

5. Sh*t man, I can't do this.

I think I cried when I saw my first logic game. Like actually cried. This is the portion of the process where you’re about to throw up the white flag and fill out an application for Hooters. The “Sh*t man, I can't do this” thought is one that is quite reoccurring in my personal experience. Every time I get a practice question wrong or a method goes right over my head, I panic, real bad. And by panic I mean, question every motive I have to actually get into and complete law school and then, cry. Lots and lots of crying.

6. OK. It's fine.

Somehow you pull yourself out of the trenches and get your act together. This stuff isn’t impossible. You just have to work your ass off.

7. Murder me, this is gonna hurt real bad. But it's gonna be fine.

They say the LSAT is the test of your ability on skills that are essential to succeeding in law school and as a lawyer. Reading comprehension, logical reasoning, logic, blah blah blah. But honestly, I think this exam is more so a test of will and a test of character; especially if you’re not one of the rich kids whose families are loaded with lawyers.

This exam may be hard. But guess what? I’m harder.

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