This article really isn't that interesting but I just thought I would share why Tina the Talking Tummy was so mad at me all week. Here are seven things that I should not have eaten during finals week...

1. Late night leftover Mac & Cheese from my roommate

Erika made herself some Kraft and then didn't finish it, so I helped myself. Fun fact: cold Kraft is not as bad as you might think.

2. ALL of the cookies from my boyfriend's mom

I just couldn't help myself. They were lemon sugar cookies and they kept calling my name.

3. Pancakes from the dining hall at 10:30pm

It was a nice break from studying. Plus, I haven't seen the dining hall that packed since Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Peppermint mocha with 3 packs of sugar added to it

This was a big mistake. I don't usually drink coffee, but I thought it would be a nice little "pick me up" to keep me awake for studying. But boy was I wrong. I wasn't just awake...I was bouncing off the walls.

5. Pizza on 5 different occasions

I didn't regret one single slice.

6. The salad I had for lunch on Tuesday

I regret being healthy every time that I try.

7. The entire serving of mozzarella sticks that my friends offered to me

I just started eating them and then all of a sudden eating one turned into the five.