Servers, Thank You

First of all, to all of the servers in the world who deal with insane and crazy people, thank you.

I sat in a restaurant the other day and I saw the server assigned to our table running around doing several things at once. It's a busy day in the restaurant and I see that they are short staffed. There are several tables assigned to our one server. In the midst of laughing and having a good time with my friends, I notice our server being yelled at for bringing out an incorrect order of food. The way this person was speaking to our server was inhumane and wrong. The server remained quiet and took it with "the customer is always right" face.

I am so sorry, server.

You are so brave and so kind and dedicated. You're working so hard.

I've seen you running around and doing your absolute best. Anytime I have asked for anything, you have given it to me within minutes. I'm not in any hurry and there's no need to apologize. I see that you're busy and I know that I'm not the only person in the world that matters to you right now. Yes, my glass has been empty a time or two, but every time you pass my table I see you glance our direction. You notice, and within a few minutes, I have more sweet tea. You're awesome, really. If I didn't know the circumstances, I would think the service is below par; however, I see what others are so clearly ignoring. You ARE busy and you ARE trying.

All too often this is the scene that I witness when I go into a restaurant. Some people are always in a hurry and are unforgiving when it comes to an incorrect order/empty glass for 5 seconds. Let me just say, if you are in a hurry and go into a busy restaurant, DON'T expect to be on time. It is your fault if you're late. Not the server. Not the restaurant. You. I'll never understand why people go into restaurants when they're busy and on a strict time schedule. Things go wrong. Orders can sometimes be misinterpreted and therefore are prepared wrong. It's all okay. Your life is not over based on the fact that the enchilada has cheese sauce on it rather than a red sauce.

Speaking of an order being wrong, please, for the love of God do not blame it on the server. Yes, it could totally be that they misheard your order; however, they're human too. It's okay. Their tip should not be affected based on your order being presented incorrectly. That's how they survive in this life. That's their rent, food, car payment, kids lunch money, etc. Keep in mind that your experience at a restaurant is not all about you, but rather about the people who are working, just like you, to make enough to survive and live a great life. Okay, so the service was crappy. Cool story bro.

All in all, thank your servers for everything that they do. For all you know, something tragic could have happened in their life. You could be the only smile they see that day. Be the difference you want to see in the world. ALWAYS leave a tip, leave big tips, and never stop yourself from telling them that they are doing a wonderful job.

To all of the servers out there, I'm sure you'll encounter a rude customer today, but at least from me, all you will hear is thank you.

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