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My September Faves

Here are some of my faves during the month of September

My September Faves

September has become one of my favorite months because of the freshness that's awarded to me when it arrives. Heat from the summer has vanished, leaves have turned into festive colors and every day is a perfect day. Provided below are some of my favorite things for the month of September:

1. Fall Colored Nail Polish

Gold, emerald green, rusty orange and maroon are my top faves for fall colored nail polish. Those colors keep me at ease and I love how they compliment my fall fits.

2. Cozy Slippers

A pair of cozy slippers screams comfort and the beginning of Fall. After a long day, I love slipping into a pair of cozy slippers and finishing little tasks around my dorm room.

3. Chai Tea

Chai tea just puts me in the mood for a chill time. I just turn on some music and get busy with assignments.

4. Blue Jeans

Aaah, there's nothing better than a pair of form fitting jeans. Blue jeans pairs with anything and the comfort level is amazing. I can't get enough of a pair of blue jeans, especially at the beginning of Fall. September makes blue jeans A MUST for me.

5. Fluffy Vanilla Febreeze

Febreeze is my favorite brand to use for air freshener. There's nothing like Fluffy Vanilla Febreeze, it sets the tone for my dorm room. I have to have this scent to start off the season, without it Fall semester is a tragedy. (Exaggeration needed)

6. Caramel Frappes

Oh my, God, a caramel frappe has the key to my heart! There's nothing like it! McDonald's is the only place I go to purchase one of these bad boys.

7. Gold Anything

The love I have for gold is real. Nothing beats a gold pillow, a gold bracelet, gold earrings, gold glitter, gold anything is so refreshing. I love the way it accents my skin and all things around it. It screams new beginnings and it screams September. I am at peace when there is gold around and there is something about gold that gives off a subtle fancy vibe.

So far these items are my all time favorite for the month of September. They scream Fall and they all represent what fall is all about. Everything on this list has been my aid during the month of September, I hope you can find some comfort from these items provided.

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