My Sensitivity Is My Greatest Strength

My Sensitivity Is My Greatest Strength

And I will no longer apologize for it.

Consistently throughout my life I have felt...well a lot. Sometimes I think it's almost as if I feel everything going on in the world. Wouldn't that be the absolute worst super power to have? Man in New York got stabbed? I felt it. Woman with a broken heart in Idaho, felt that one too. But in all seriousness I have lived my life picking up on others' emotions and the feelings of the environments around me. I react strongly to situations and think deeply about my responses. My feelings are hurt easily and I worry profusely about what is happening around me. I have spent my life thus far apologizing for this. I have apologized to the point where it's as if my feelings are the most vexatious occurrence to happen in the world. I apologize extensively for my own thoughts and feelings.

Living in a society where we are typically told to be strong and cutthroat to get ahead, and where we are told to avoid showing feelings to others, us sensitive souls have ridden ourselves with guilt over one of the most important traits that was given to us.

I am sensitive, and I am no longer going to apologize for it.

God forbid my neighbor sees that I was crying this morning. Or that a snide remark a stranger made got to me. We are human, and we are allowed to feel. We are allowed to take up space with the expression of our feelings.

My sensitivity has become my favorite thing about me, and if you're in the same boat it should be one of your favorite characteristics as well. I have the ability to be vulnerable, let my guard down and let others into parts of my life that not many do. I do not hide feelings or play games with others. Everything is laid out on the table when one meets me, and it's their choice wether to take it or leave it.

I tear up when I think of the people I love. I feel the pang of anger fire through me when a friend is hurt. I understand the environment I am in and the mood of those surrounding me, which aids with my ability to work with others.

My sensitivity is the core trait that makes up all the small pieces of me. My sensitivity is my creativity, it is my tender heart, it is my passion for helping others, it is my long and continuous thoughts. My sensitivity is my wholehearted courage. My sensitivity is my need to connect with others and learn about their stories. My sensitivity is my ability the be the compassionate person that I am. That one single trait is the essence of my very soul.

The next time you let your feelings out, leave them for a moment before you hurry with apologetic embarrassment attempting to take them back. We are no longer apologizing.

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How Can You Live By Grace And What Grace Means

Just something warm and fuzzy to think about during these bitter cold months.

Being religious in college is hard. I am Catholic, but unfortunately, I have not made it to church once so far since school started. Keeping up with my faith has been tough, but I recently stumbled upon an acronym that I believe is a helpful guide to staying close to your faith and God, especially throughout these busy and chaotic years. The word Grace is written in the Bible said in church, and overall just connects to faith and God. GRACE is . . .

G is for Gratitude.

Always be thankful for your blessings.

R is for Relationship.

Make your Christian relationships and your relationship with God a priority.

A is for Action.

You can talk the talk, but do you walk the walk? Act on your faith and your values.

C is for Character.

WWJD? You can always grow to be more like Jesus and live your life through His beliefs to be the best you that you can be.

E is for Effort.

In my opinion, this is the most important one. Ask yourself if you are making the effort and putting your energy into living through your faith. Sometimes we veer off of our life road and need to make an effort to get back on track and renew our beliefs.

Make your life full of Grace! And above all, be kind and love others to your fullest potential.

Just something warm and fuzzy to think on during these bitter cold months.

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Flipping The Switch

sometimes it's hard to be optimistic, at least for me it is.

I've always been a person to see the cup as half-empty. I've found that in life, more often than not, I approach situations with the mindset that things aren't going to go well. I look at a challenge or an opportunity and think, there is no way that this is going to workout.

But, recently I've come to realize that I have no need to live life this way. Yes, things may not always go as I planned, but why should I expect it? Why do I constantly approach a situation already defeated? The truth is, I am not perfect. None of us are perfect. Which means that temptation and destructive thoughts occupy my mind. They creep in without any warning. But, there is hope.

You see, there is an opportunity for me to flip the switch. I can live life like the glass is half-full. When I turn my attention away from the fact that things may never go right, and instead focus on the fact that I serve a God who is constantly waiting with arms wide-open; with joy in His word and comfort in the fact that I am His child. I can live life with intention and optimism because I serve a Heavenly Father who is for ever constant, who is always present when things don't go the way I planned, and who see's this world in it's truest form. He scrubs away all the destruction, the chaos and disappointment, and in it's place is a glass of water; full of possibilities and beauty.

So, why do I stare aimlessly at a glass that is only half full when I have the precious gift of a cup overflowing?! Because, I am flawed. But, I should not let this temptation haunt me. But rather, I must turn to the one who so graciously presents me with a cup that over flows with beauty, possibilities and endless love. I turn to my Heavenly Father who doesn't have to, but DESIRES to open my eyes to the glass in front of me. Who fills it with endless blessings that satisfy my thirst forever more.

Cover Image Credit: Stocksnap

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