7 Things Every Senior Knows To Be True
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Student Life

7 Things Every Senior Knows To Be True

Things That You Think or Do During Senior Year

7 Things Every Senior Knows To Be True

In your last year of high school, lots of thoughts will run through your head. Some will be passing two-second thoughts, while others will be thoughts that you dwell on for weeks. Each moment in your senior year is a special one, regardless of if you enjoy it or not. There are some truths that are commonly said but not really understood until it is YOUR senior year.

1. Senioritis is so real.

I have always been a mainly "A" student and homework is something that I looked forward to on some nights. However, as senior year began, I began to experience something I had never encountered before; Senioritis. It seemed impossible to sit down and do homework. It seemed impossible to do my applications. It seemed impossible to focus. Lots of things became more difficult than they had ever been before. While you are frustrated with the teachers assigning massive amounts of pointless homework, they are getting frustrated with your lack of enthusiasm. And thus, the cycle continues throughout all of senior year.

2. Where you thought you were going for college might get tossed out the window.

Now I didn't know exactly where I was going to college, but I had more of an idea than when senior year actually began. I had specific colleges I was going to apply to, and I ruled out the certain ones in my area, but they were no longer ruled out as I started considering every option. It might have been foolish, but I wanted to make sure I would not miss anything that colleges offer. Now, I am still considering colleges I never thought I would, and I also have applied to colleges I never even knew about.

3. Endless brochures.

Oh. My. Gosh. If you ever wonder why college costs so much, it is because they spend so much money on paper. I think with all the pamphlets and papers I received in the mail, I could have saved 10 trees. Colleges from different countries, states, possibly even different planets, because I had never heard of them or where they were from sent items. Don’t get me wrong, it is so awesome to finally have mail, but this is excessive. Senior year I have received 7 times more mail than I have ever in my entire life.

4. Every school event is worth going to.

Every school event there is will never happen again. There will not be a next year, and there will never be another opportunity to bond with your friends on nights like these. I did not go to every school event, but each one is worth it. Next year, you will have a new set of friends at friday night lights, basketball games, and plays. It is a bittersweet realization.

5. Everyone wants to know you are going to college.

You may not want to talk about it anymore about how you have no clue quite yet on where you are going, but everyone else does. They want to know any type of information you might have on your possibilities, your possible majors- anything. It’s sweet that people are excited to know about your future and where you will be, but it’s going to be a while before you are 100% ready to make a decision.

6. You will wonder if your college decision is correct.

Similar to the idea of not knowing where to go, you will wonder if your decision is the right one in the midst of making it. Maybe it’s just me, but the thought that you will not like your college as much or are missing out on something is one that is very prevalent at the most irrelevant times. Luckily, transferring is always an option.

7. Counting down the days until the last day of school.

This is typical of even those who love school. The anticipation of a day that has been long waited for is uncontrollable. It has been a long journey from kindergarten to senior year and one of well deserved anticipation.

Enjoy your last year as a senior and good luck in your college years.

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