Every senior in college that I talk to always seems to share the same experience of getting struck with the realization that college life is nearing a close when the beginning of the last year starts. In my case, it happened just yesterday as I was walking back to my dorm in preparation for my classes which started today.

I arrived at my room confused because at first, I could not really place a feeling to the emotion I was having; an emotion which I did not even identify first to actually be some type of premature nostalgia. I somewhat remembered experiencing this upon the realization that high school was coming to a close years back, but this one was more intense because, without the promise of grad school in the wind, I know that my life will soon change drastically.

I will no longer be around my favorite people for extended periods of time just chatting about our lives, our interests, what we're going to do this weekend, or even what we're going to do the next minute. I know that my current status as a part-time employee and full-time student will become a full-time employee.

I'm not necessarily terrified of what's to come, but I am nervous about the uncertainty of it all because we all have expectations we want to be met and may not reach. Regardless of the various mixed emotions, I felt like I needed to make a brief oath to myself, and any of my fellow seniors reading this can feel free to relate.

This senior year I hope to unravel into the best version of myself that I can be. I hope to grow personally in all aspects of my life and will appreciate the small and grand moments. All the times I'll be staying up late or not sleeping at all to finish assignments that I procrastinated are to reach the end goal in sight. Every time we struggle and stress about it, it's because we care about the end result. I will make sure to check in on my friends and make sure they're surviving the year just like I am.

My classes will not get the better of me. I will pass every one of them and still manage to have free time to myself among work and school. I will attend more campus events and befriend as many new people as I can so that I can say that I always had someone to talk to or attempted to broaden my horizons.

I'll try to keep active and not remain just within my dorm but also go to the gym or do some physical activities to relieve stress and tension. I'll make sure to be responsible at parties but also have the necessary amount of fun that I should be getting. For more personal activities, I will make sure that my laundry isn't procrastinated and that I actually fold it when it's done so that it doesn't get all wrinkled in the process. I'll try to get a head start on internships or job offers for post-graduation.

On a more important scale and the crucial topic to mention: I will make sure that no matter what happens throughout this senior year, that I remain optimistic. I will not let one bad experience outweigh the many amazing ones to be had and can guarantee that this senior year will be the year to remember.

The years of education have amounted to this climactic year of adventures and it will stamp itself as an unforgettable time in my life. I will get to graduation, I will succeed, and I will find joy in this school year and the post-college years to come.