"Semiochophobia": the fear of semi-trucks. There's not an actual name for the fear of semi-trucks, but "ochophobia" means "the fear of vehicles", hence "semiochophobia" was born.

If you're traveling this holiday season and experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may be suffering from "semiochophobia". You're not crazy, and you're not alone.

1. You tend to hit the gas pedal when passing a semi-truck in order to get past it as soon as possible.

2. If the truck can't stay within its lane, you seriously consider staying behind it in order to avoid a potential disaster.

3. If you have the option of driving in-between two semis and staying behind one semi even if it means driving slower, you'll pick staying behind the semi.

4. If possible, when you need to pass a semi-truck on the interstate, you move two lanes over to do so. You've got to leave room for error!

5. If you're driving, and two semi-trucks come on both sides of you leaving you with no choice but acceptance, your entire body tenses up, and you hold on for dear life.

6. You hold your breath when a semi-truck passes you.

7. When a semi-truck's turn signal goes on at the same time you're passing it, you get out of there as soon as possible.

8. You find yourself asking "Can that driver actually see me in those mirrors?"

9. You stay far away from semis when you see them swaying back and forth.

10. When you're near a semi-truck with a heavy load like cars and logs, you have a difficult time trusting their security.

If you have experienced at least three of the symptoms above, you are probably suffering from semiochophobia, but you can get through this! The first step is admitting the problem. Drive safely!