Class Of 2018, Make This Semester One To Remember
During my winter break, I took a day to visit my high school and I was asked by teachers if I had any advice to the seniors about college. Previously I wrote an article about how to survive your first semester, but I thought although these seniors are fast approaching college I wish I had someone to tell me how to survive my last semester of high school. So here's my letter to any of the class of 2018 preparing to graduate.

I'm going to lay it all out for you, senioritis is real. There is no escaping it and even when you think you've given up completely and you can't procrastinate anymore, you can. I thought my first semester was rough, I didn't want to be in high school anymore and felt like I had outgrown that place.

I had always been an amazing procrastinator, but the minute second semester happened I wasn't just procrastinating, but I stopped doing homework altogether. We all know that every person you meet will tell you to not let senioritis get you and to complete everything, but there's the reality of being a teenager and we all know listening to others advice doesn't always happen.

So although people do tell you to not procrastinate, actually listen.

For many second semester is when you receive your answers from colleges, If you don't get into your top college don't be to upset, that next best school might actually be the best fit for you. I had no intentions of uprooting my life and moving to another time zone, but it was the biggest blessing for me. I'm in love with my college and I wondered often if I had got into my top school if I would have loved it as much as Columbia.

The best thing about high school ending is the drama and scandals that came with its ends too. As you leave high school you will forget many people you graduate with. All through high school, my therapist told me, "High school is not reality," this was the saying that kept me going and it even became my senior quote.

I waited to go to prom for senior year and even then I wasn't what you see in movies. If you don't want to go to prom don't. You won't regret it later, go out with friends for a night out, theres no reason to waste money on an over-rated experience but if you do go at least you can say you did. This is also the same for senior trips and picnic, no matter how great these opportunities are nothing is better than graduation and that's a fact.

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