I Sold Cutco For My First Real Job, And I Learned More Than You'd Expect

I Sold Cutco Knives For My First Real Job, And I Learned So Much More Than You Would Expect

Who knew kitchen cutlery could be a key to self-realization?


I can honestly say that when I walked into my first day of training for my first job this summer, I did not expect it to really amount to much more for me. I was going to be selling knives, cool. But I was a psychology major, so a sales and marketing position wouldn't really benefit me in the long run, right? I could not have been more wrong. During my summer at this position, I learned more than I could ever imagine, both about life and personal skills.

I did not have a smooth start to this job. In fact, I literally cried on the second day of training because I panicked about having to make phone calls. Honestly, I was ready to quit right then because I could not even imagine being able to pick up the phone without freaking out again. But I came back, somewhat willingly. I forced myself to go because I really didn't think I had the choice to quit. I hate being a quitter, even though it's so much easier sometimes. But because I didn't want to feel like a quitter so soon, I went back the next day and powered through. And I survived.

Even in the first two to three days working there, I had learned a bit about myself. I was actually a lot braver than I thought. I mean, how many other people would walk right back to something that scared them half to death before? I didn't realize it at the time, but simply walking in the door on the third day of training showed immense courage.

Over time, I got better and handling phone calls. I was also doing a pretty good job with sales and scheduling some more appointments. Honestly, I was pretty much on a roll. For the first time in my life really, I was accomplishing something for myself. I was doing things with a minimal push from others, and I was taking initiative for my success. However, throughout the summer, some weeks were better than others in terms of sales and motivation to go to appointments. I'd be lying if I said I didn't ever feel like quitting. But I didn't let myself quit, and I kept moving forward.

This was an environment that really prioritized personal development and constantly encouraged us to reach higher and think bigger than we thought possible. I noticed that throughout the summer, my personal goals skyrocketed. I was no longer looking to sell a couple hundred dollars worth of kitchen cutlery a week; I was shooting for thousands. Through this, I was able to actually envision myself taking on bigger roles than I had ever seen myself in. This mindset carried on to college, where I realized that I wanted bigger things than just watching things happen around me. I was taught to work for my own success, instead of waiting for it to come along. This especially was a weird lesson to grasp because personally, I've always had it very easy. Overall, I had never had to work extremely hard to achieve something I wanted, until working at this job.

If I had to sum up all of the life lessons I learned when selling knives into 3 things, I would say this: (1) Never underestimate the small achievements you make to keep moving forward, (2) If you want to be successful, you have to want to put the hard work in too, and (3) You can learn something new from every experience you have, even it doesn't relate to your end goal. Despite the challenges, both external and internal, that I faced and overcame when working as a sales representative, I didn't quit and I held myself accountable for my own success. Even though sometimes it may not have seemed worth it at the time, the sum of my experiences at my "summer job" left me with several extremely important life lessons.

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To The Boss Who Became My Role Model

Thank you for being the person who helped change my life for the better.

When people talk about their boss it is usually negative, but not in all cases. Luckily I am one of the few who have an amazing boss. This is an open letter to the boss who has impacted my life in several ways.

Dear person who shall remain anonymous,

There are no words that can describe how grateful I am that God has brought you into my life. I can’t thank you enough for the strength you gave me when I felt weak. Thank you for never giving up on me and helping me find the person I am meant to be.

You have encouraged me not only at work but in school as well as my personal life. Not only are you my boss but you are my role model and one of my biggest supporters. I always know when I need something no matter how big or small you are there for me.

When I first started working here I was full of many anxieties and I am still overcoming them but with your endless support, I have faith that I will be able to overcome anything. I did not think that this job would have led me to find the person I aspire to be the most. To have someone that cares so deeply about my well-being is a precious gift that I will forever cherish. It is a great feeling to know I have you, someone whose advice and words of wisdom come from deep down in your heart and nothing less.

When something was bothering me and I would keep to myself, you always knew that something was wrong. You continue to be by my side throughout this crazy journey I am on so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for every talk, every random hug when you knew that I really needed it, every text to see how I was doing, and every encouraging word you have given me. You are such an amazing individual who inspires many. The world needs more people like you in it who continue to make it a better place each and every day.

Much Love,


Cover Image Credit: Planet MineCraft

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To The College Student Graduating Without A Job Offer, Rejection Is Part Of The Process

Keep your head up. Stay optimistic. Everything happens for a reason.


To the Graduating College Student Who Doesn't Have a Post-Grad Job Yet,

I know exactly how you're feeling right now. All your friends are securing their first post-graduation job and you have nothing yet. If you're like me, you probably feel a little bit worthless and unwanted. You keep applying to jobs, re-touching up your resume and Curriculum Vitae, and writing cover letter after cover letter in the hopes that someone, anyone will take you and your talents.

(And you ARE talented... you're graduating with a degree. Don't forget that.)

It's something that you can't avoid either. Almost every day, there's a new post on Facebook that's starting with, "I'm so excited to announce that I got hired at *insert boujee company here.*" You want to be excited for your friends and you are genuinely happy for them but to be honest, it's frustrating and hard when you are sitting there empty-handed. Just this morning, I got another "thanks but no thanks" notification from one of the 32+ jobs that I applied for. Rejection is part of the process and I guarantee that both you and I will be rejected many more times.

You just have to keep reminding yourself that you WILL get a job. Things like this doesn't just happen overnight. Also, you are not alone in this...there are a million other graduating college seniors that are still jobless. I have friends who graduated last year and they still are struggling to find work that fits their major. So, while it may seem like you're the only one who's going through this annoyingly stressful process, you AREN'T.

Keep applying for jobs. Keep your head up. Stay optimistic. Everything happens for a reason. There will be an employer who will see all your potential and will hire you. Keep working for your goals and you reap the benefits one day. Remember that people like Oprah, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates all started at the bottom. It was because they stayed focused and dedicated to themselves and their goals that they were able to reach their success.

Sure, you may have to start out by waiting tables or work in a job that isn't ideal but it's a small stepping stone to your future success. It's going to be an uphill climb but you will be alright. Everyone usually always ends up fine, in the end, no matter how down in the dumps they are on the journey. Just never give up. It sounds cliche but it's so true...if you give up then you will never find the success you wanted and you will never be truly happy. You have only one life so you have to make it a good one. That means you have to balance your passions in with a job that will keep you wanting to continue in your field of work and to keep doing better.

You WILL succeed.

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