27 Ways To Take Care of Yourself
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Health and Wellness

27 Ways To Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is not a trend, it's a necessity.

27 Ways To Take Care of Yourself

Today, amidst our hectic social media influenced lives, I see the idea of "self-care" becoming more of a trend than what it should be—a necessity that is apart of your daily routine!

Think about it this way:

Self-care, aka caring about yourself.

"Anjika, isn't that something we all do anyway? In fact, its the only thing some people do."

Take me as an example. Anjika, college student,19 - loving life and the way things are going. At one point, I too thought:

"Self-care? I'm already caring for myself. I mean, I treat myself to good food occasionally and I sometimes write in my journal."

But is that all there is to self-care? No. Aren't humans such a weird species? When we want to show the love in our hearts-we show it to others by being kind, and helpful-but then what about our own selves? What about taking out some time for yourself? What about spoiling yourself occasionally with Chinese takeout? What about letting yourself relax without that feeling of constant productivity guilt?

All I'm saying is before you set out on this mission to save people and heal them, you should be saving and healing yourself!

Here are a few self-care tips to incorporate into your daily routine:

1. Drink a lot of water—stay hydrated! 

2. Have a "guilty pleasure" you indulge in every 4-5 days ( this should be something that is healthy for you)

3. Clean a corner of your room each day

4. Do yoga/meditate.

5. Practice mirror work

6. Write affirmations

7. Maintain a journal

8. Fridays are for take-outs ;)

9. Reduce the amount of coffee you drink

10. Paint your nails

11. Wear your favorite scent

12. Bathe with essential oils/bath salts (clears negative energy)

13. Stop using social media as much (THIS HELPS THE MOST, TRUST ME!)

14.  Sing out loud!

15. Go for a walk in the park

16. Write 5 things you are grateful for every day

17. Light candles and play relaxing music

18. Drink tea!

19. Talk to people you love

20. Draw/color

21. Eat a little bit of ice cream

22. Do a skincare routine/put on a face mask

23. Take pictures of everything you find interesting

24. Stop talking to people that make you feel bad about yourself and your choices (I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH)

25.  Put more effort into dressing nicely in the morning- put on mascara, do the eye-makeup you've always wanted to try! Don't wait for that one night

26. Jam out to your favorite song- even if you're all alone in your room. It's a mood lifter!

27. Get enough sleep- take naps if you want to (without feeling guilty about having slept too much)

These are the few things I do to practice some self-care. The sooner all of us realize that it is ABSOLUTELY okay to pamper yourself, the easier it will be for us to stay in our highest power and achieve ALL that we possibly can.

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