4 Essential Self Care Tips For Any College Student
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4 Essential Self Care Tips For Any College Student

We go through a lot each day, it's time we take care of ourselves.

4 Essential Self Care Tips For Any College Student

So, you have two papers to write, a math test on Monday, and you're fighting with your roommate; where do you find the time to take care of yourself? Being a freshman in college is a huge transition to make; you aren't seeing your parents every day and you''re actually having to take care of yourself.

We always hear people saying, "It's okay to take a mental health day." They're absolutely right.

However, self-care is more than just taking a hot shower or reading for thirty minutes each day, it's about being kind to yourself.

Here is how I take care of myself on a daily basis and how you can, too:

1. Start a bullet journal.

I always find creating to be very relaxing. Whether I am writing a poem or drawing a picture, I find being productive to be helpful when I want to shut out the world. With January being the beginning of a new year, I began keeping a bullet journal. I've found that keeping a bullet journal has helped me balance a social life, keep my grades up, and have time to myself.

For those who don't know what a bullet journal is, it can be whatever you want it to be. I use mine is to store poems, make my daily to-do lists, and get my feelings down on paper. Keeping a to-do list has also helped me feel accomplished, as I cross off each task off as I complete it.

I've noticed that keeping a bullet journal has helped me feel less hopeless in times of hardship. By writing everything down, I see the ideas on paper and it makes me feel validated. It also makes me feel that I am capable of creating, even if I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.

2. Take breaks.

As a college student, I spend my days in class and usually spend the rest of the day doing homework and studying. When I start to feel anxious, which happens when I work and feel like there is a lot on my plate, I step away from my desk and computer. What I do with that time is up to me, the only rules I follow are the following: no internet and no stress.

I take myself away from the internet because the internet takes me away from myself. I take breaks by picking up a book to immerse myself in. Or, I'll even take a short walk on the High Bridge Trail and enjoy the fresh air. No matter what I do, I need to be away from my dorm during my break.

Being away from my desk helps me clear my mind for that short amount of time; I can get back to my homework with a clear mind. I also feel less anxious when I return to my desk and get back to my work. Every time I get overwhelmed, I take a thirty-minute break.

2. Colora picture.

Adult coloring books are very therapeutic. Whether it's stress from school or my personal life, coloring takes me away from everything. I put on my favorite music album and lock my phone away in my closet. It's just me and the page. The process is calming from the medium I decide to color the page in. My favorite thing to use is gel pens because I can just feel the ink melt into the page. After I'm done, I'm calm and I have something pretty to put on the wall.

4. Call home.

Being away from home, you're away from everything that's familiar. It's good to just check in with everyone. Hearing from your parents is fun because you can encourage one another in your daily responsibilities. As a college student, you're becoming an adult, but your parents are already adults; it's fun to talk about the changes you're going through and get their input.

In college, you're busy with school, friends, and activities. Sometimes, you don't think of what other people are going through. Your parents miss you. Your friends miss you. Your brother and sister miss you. It's a small sense of home.

No matter what method you decide to use, just remember it's specific to each person; there is no wrong way to practice self-care.

As a whole, self care is being kind to yourself and serves as a reminder that everything will be okay.

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