Self Care Is The Best Care

Everyone says that in order to be happy with someone else you need to be happy within yourself. People say to take a weekend getaway or take a vacation, that it'll solve all your worries and you'll be back as new. But sometimes you just don't have the time or the money. Self-care is taking the five minutes at night to wash your face. To take off all of the days worries, put on a nice set of pajamas and moisturize your face.

Self-care isn't always an expensive shopping trip it's waking up, making your favorite cup of coffee and sipping it outside before you have to go to work. Self-care is taking time to say in the mirror that you're kind, smart, important. Self-care is reminding yourself that you are loved and you are beautiful. Self-care is drawing a bath and sitting in it for an hour with a good book. But getting lost in the words and not realizing how long you have been in the tub.

You need to remind yourself that you are important, to take care of your soul, mind, and body. Cause you only have one. You need to crawl into bed and sleep those extra hours, to pour yourself a nice glass of water, to eat a salad, but make sure you spoil yourself with chocolate. Don't forget to rid yourself of toxic people, toxic vibes, toxic jobs, toxic environments.

Don't forget that you are kind, you are important and you are smart.

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