If you're looking back and can't remember the last time you had any "you" time... this one's for you. Nowadays, we seem to be on everyone else's schedule but our own. Whether you're going to school, hold a job, volunteer, have kids, etc. LIFE GETS BUSY MAN. So who are living for? And why does self-care actually matter?

Most people think that millennials still have a lot left to figure out (which is totally accurate) but self-care we have packed down to a science. Not that we do it or actually follow our own advice... But you can't surf Pinterest or even Facebook now without seeing the latest DIY bath bomb, green smoothie, or a top 10 list of coffee shops in your area.

Yes, mom and dad, I totally just paid four dollars for that latte but it had an extra shot of espresso because I can't survive without it.

Nonetheless, the idea isn't to break the bank on unnecessary expenditures, but if you're working hard for what you have, don't completely spend yourself without investing in yourself. You need a reminder every once in awhile that your hard work is paying off.

So, with that said, here's a few stress-relieving, mind-freeing, tension-easing, self-care ideas to get you ready for the day and they won't break the bank!

1. DIY latte.

We all know that guilty feeling of paying for over-priced coffee all too well... but we still do it. So skip the guilt and chill at home in your pj's instead. Turns out, you don't actually need a fancy machine to make your favorite copy-cat drinks.

A latte with milk foam is doable with a blender or any kind of mixer with a high speed. All you do is whip your milk in a mixer, on high, or a Ninja Bullet for about two minutes (whole milk is best to obtain maximum foam). You can add vanilla, sugar, or any of your favorite coffee additives to your milk at this time. Then pour your coffee in your favorite novelty coffee mug and add your milk.

2. Date Night with ya girls.

You know they say that laughing is the best calorie burner?

snl yes GIF

Even if you probably burn more calories on that dreadful walk across campus, laughing is an all-in-one. You have that brief moment of forgetting how stressful life can be. Or you're laughing about how stressful your lives are now and you all just consider becoming strippers.

There's something about being with your girls that gives you confidence and you really don't feel like you're alone in this. Plus you haven't worn that outfit that you know you look good in, in a while. Your friends are there just to confirm it.

mila kunis comedy GIF by TOBIS Film

3. YouTube some yoga poses.

Yoga memberships can be pretty pricey. So if yoga is something you've always thought about, give it try at home. YouTube has various videos like meditation yoga that helps with breathing and stability or faster-paced yoga if you want to kick-start your day.

Either way, you'll most likely feel more centered after experiencing the beautiful art of yoga and improving yourself through this healthy habit.

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4. Take a drive to the next town over.

There's something about just getting out of town and into a new environment for a little while. Try to visit some of the places that interest you or that the town is known for. Also, keep a lookout for those old hole-in-the-wall cafe's that usually have some phenomenal home baked goodies. If anything, walk their downtown area and just breathe in some new air.

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5. Take a green tea bath.

Green tea work wonders on your skin. That's right. DETOX. You can buy a box of family size green tea bags at your local grocery store for less than two dollars and soak in a detox heaven with just three or four bags. If you really wanted to feel lavish for less, look into buying a lavender scented candle to help you relax a little bit more.

6. Volunteer.

The point of self-care is spending your time in fruitful ways. Something that will bring joy to you. So if you're constantly giving your time to demanding people, volunteering will allow you to devote some time to a few folks that truly appreciate you and your service. Bonus: typically you'll only hear uplifting, positive comments which are so good for the soul.

Truth is, I believe everyone is right where they're supposed to be for a reason. If you feel a need or calling to volunteer, you may find some inspiration how to help others in different areas of your life as well.

7. Try a new devotional.

Devotionals give you more than just something to look forward to, they give you a goal to accomplish every day and something to center yourself back to. If your devotional that morning was about trusting in Him in a time of trial or slowing yourself to become angry, then your devotional and peaceful time with God can continuously pop up throughout your week.

8. Jump start your day with green.

According to most health food junkies out there, nothing says self-revival like a green smoothie. A frozen sliced banana, 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt, some honey, and spinach should help you fight off bloating and fatigue throughout your morning. Just watching the green in the blender may

9. Spend some time where you are completely stress-free.

So that doesn't mean neglect your responsibilities such as homework or calling in sick that day to work.. but it does mean setting sometime out for yourself where time allows and you know you know you won't be flustered or stressed out. If something is really weighing on your mind, sometimes taking a step back from the situation without any added commentary is the only way to truly analyze the circumstances. You may find that you do some of your best thinking here.

10. Learn to say "No."

"But I didn't actually do anything." Uh, yes you did. You recognized that you are not enslaved or obligated to do anything that will add stress to your tasks you already have (unless your boss asks you to do something and you're wanting a promotion. You may want to think that one over.) I'm talking to the girl that seems to say yes to EVERYTHING.

To the point that your sleep schedule is affected because you already skipped lunch that day to have enough time for everything and all you have left if five hours left in your day. Apparently, in life, there's this thing called sleep that lets you function normally. No worries college goers, you'll experience it once you get your degree.

Bottom line: Love who you are, be proud of what you do, don't sell your self short. Unwind, because, in the words of Drake, "[we're] here for a good time, not a long time."