For more than a decade I've considered myself a die-hard "Seinfeld" fan. I've watched the series over and over again for several years. I've become so obsessed that I even know the script by heart. I still laugh at jokes that I've heard probably more than 20 times, but I keep watching it because it's my favorite series of all time, and no matter how good these new Netflix series are, nothing compares to "Seinfeld."

1. It's a show about nothing.


This way, nothing is expected from the characters or story. That way every episode has the freedom of being completely different from one another. Thanks to that we have amazing episodes like "The Chinese Restaurant," "The Frogger," "The Baby Shower" and "The Revenge" among others.

2. The characters are aware of who they are.


All of the main characters in "Seinfeld" know what their weaknesses are. They accept them and try to deal with them. George accepts that all his life he's made poor decisions and yet he still continues to do the opposite of what is logical. Thanks to Larry David's amazing script, the spectacular episode "The opposite" was created, which is the
only episode where George becomes successful.

3. The characters just don't care.


One of the most outstanding things of "Seinfeld's" main characters is that they do whatever they want to do with no shame. For example, when Elaine dances like a crazy lady in the episode "The Little Kicks".

4. The secondary characters are unique.


Although they don't appear as often as Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer, secondary characters like the "low talker" or "the sidler" are characters every "Seinfeld" fan remembers not only because they are funny but because these characters relate to people you actually know IRL.

Like, when you see someone at a party dipping a carrot twice into the hummus you're probably thinking "She is a double dipper!"? And, who doesn't know at least one woman who doesn't wear a bra, ever, like the "Bra-less wonder" - aka Sue Ellen Mischke?

5. It's just genius.


No one else created a series like "Seinfeld" before it aired. Thank you, Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld for so many laughs!