Navigating Sedona's Red Rocks For The Weekend

Sedona is a gloriously relaxing place that's perfect for hiking, biking, off-roading, and so much more. With so many beautiful places to see in Sedona, it's no surprise that outdoor enthusiasts flock here for adventure during warmer weather months. If you're planning to spend a weekend in Sedona, here are a few must-try activities you won't want to miss.

Hiking and Walking Trails

There are many a hiking trail in Sedona, especially if you look into the Sedona vortexes. Cathedral Rock, which is a vortex, is one of the most popular trails in Sedona, especially because Cathedral Rock is gigantic. If you're interested in taking on the sometimes steep and mildly treacherous trail, you'll be rewarded with some amazing views overlooking Sedona. Bell Rock, another vortex, is right nearby Cathedral Rock. While it isn't too long of a trail, you can climb up the vortex as much as your heart desires — especially if you're a rock climber interested in scaling to new heights. Right in the same is Courthouse Butte, which has a longer loop trail where you can be astounded by the breathtaking views.

Boynton Canyon, another vortex, and Fay Canyon are two gorgeous canyons that you can walk through and be dazzled by all the sights (and the heights!). Boynton Canyon is a much longer trail — a little over six miles long — while Fay Canyon is a much shorter hike.

And one of the most popular trails in Sedona is Devil's Bridge Trail, which takes you to an amazing sandstone arch. If you're afraid of heights, you might not love walking out on the thin bridge. The hike has some steep areas and is almost 4.5 miles roundtrip, but it's a gorgeous hike overall.

Check Out The Scenery

Of course, some of the most interesting and exciting sites to see in Sedona are all the many red rock formations. Almost anywhere in town, you can see exceptional views of the red rocks and mountain landscapes. Even a quick drive around town will offer views that are pretty hard to beat.

One of the best ways to check out all the views in Sedona is through the Sedona Air Tours helicopter tour. A vantage point from the air allows you to check out all the gorgeous scenery and red rocks, offering you a perspective that you don't get to see every day!

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Another amazing way to see Sedona is by mountain biking along the gorgeous red rock trails. Aerie to Cockscomb Loop Trail is great for intermediate mountain bikers and can also be accessed from the Boynton Canyon Loop Trail. The Chuckwagon and Mescal Trails are two other highly rated mountain biking trails in the area, where you'll get additional amazing views of the red rocks and scenery.

Best Off-Roading Trails

There are many places where you can go off-roading, either on your own, if you're an experienced off-roading driver or with a tour group. Be sure your SUV or truck has what it takes for the trail you pick. A truck with a lift and 4WD like the GMC Sierra or another sturdy vehicle designed for off-roading is recommended. You can also put your adventure into a professional guide's hands for the day on a Sedona jeep tour.

The Pink Jeep Tours is a very popular tour group that can take you with one of their experienced drivers through some of the more popular trails. There's a large section of off-roading trails along the Devil's Bridge Trail, where you'll likely pass many enthusiastic hikers and bikers along the way.

What Makes Sedona Special 

The Sedona vortexes are four areas in the city that are considered to be more sacred and mystic red rock formation: Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Airport Mesa are the big four that people seek out. These areas are where many people go to channel energies, meditate, heal, and seek out self-exploration. Whether you want to hike around the four trails or just walk up to the vortexes, you'll certainly feel the sense of calm and the energy of the areas as soon as you see them.

Not only are there amazing outdoor activities to experience in Sedona, but you can also enjoy the shopping and dining experiences as well. There is plenty of local Navajo artwork to be found as well as various festivals that offer jewelry, art, and more.

Sedona is the sort of place that you'll visit for a weekend and will find yourself planning your next trip back once the weekend comes to a close.

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