The Secret Santa Presents That People Will Actually Want
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The Secret Santa Presents That People Will Actually Want

It'll make them believe that Santa does exist!

The Secret Santa Presents That People Will Actually Want
Don Winsor

December means that it’s the time of year for Christmas. It’s the time of year for Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas cookies, and Christmas music. December also means that it’s time for Secret Santa with your friends or family.

For the past eight years of my life (if not longer) I have participated in Secret Santa gift exchanges. Every year, there’s at least one person that gets the stereotypical fuzzy socks, lotion, and coffee mug present. I personally hate to receive any of those, since I probably have a lifetime supply by now. Therefore, I’ve made it my mission to not only give gifts that I would want to receive, but to personalize them to the individual whose name I draw.

1. Survival kit

If the person you chose has a test, event, or trip coming up, compile a bunch of objects together that might be helpful for their specific situation. It’s easy, versatile, low-cost, practical, and personal!

2. Meaningful apparel

Clothing is a typical item on people’s Christmas lists. Instead of purchasing a plain shirt, find one with a quote or image that really fits with the person you’re buying for. Bonus points if the company donates some of the profit from the sale.

3. Personalized jewelry

Jewelry or keychains with a special message are a great way to show that you care. You can choose from a variety of styles as well as words or phrases to make it special for the recipient.

4. Food

You can’t go wrong with food! Ramen for college students, candy for children, the list is endless!

5. Fancy charger, headphones, or phone case

We all spend a lot of time on our phones, meaning that we also use the accessories that go with them. Gifting a fancy phone accessory is not only practical, but pretty exciting for the person who gets it. Just make sure it's compatible with their phone before purchasing it!

6. Scarf

It’s practically impossible to have too many scarves. There’s scarves to keep you warm in the winter and scarves to go with any outfit. You could even knit or crochet a scarf for your present to add a sentimental touch to it. Scarves are also reasonably priced, meaning that you can buy multiple for all of your gift needs without breaking the bank.

7. Board/card game

Games are great for anyone who likes to have fun. From Cards Against Humanity, to Monopoly, and Apples to Apples, there’s something for every age and personality.

8. Favorite movie or TV show

If you know the person that you’re buying for, chances are that you know what he/she likes to watch. Whether he/she is part of a fandom or just really loves Disney movies, it can help you find a present that is sure to be a hit every time it’s popped in the DVD player.

9. Humorous calendar

A lot of people use planners or calendars to help them keep track of their life, so why not have some fun with that? There’s calendars with kittens playing sports, funny comics, hunky men, and anything else you could possibly imagine.

10. Gift cards

Most people forget about gift cards because they’re too simple or boring, but you can easily pick one based on your friend or family member’s favorite places to go! Maybe he/she loves coffee but rarely goes to Starbucks because of the price. You can give them the gift of a few free coffees to make their day! The best part about gift cards is that there are many to choose from, so when in doubt go this route.

For more help, simply scroll through Pinterest or search Google for unique Christmas presents. Make yours stand out so much that everyone in the room wishes that you chose their name. Good luck shopping!

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