Purdue's campus can be pretty big, sometimes even overwhelming. However, all of us have our favorite spots whether its study spots or hang spots. Here are a few places on campus that are unknown or a secret to some people.

1. South Tower Ballroom of The Union. 

This gem can be found on the south tower of the Purdue Memorial Union. Just go up to the top floor of the PMU and go to door 320. There should be a title saying South Tower underneath the number 320. You have to pull on the door a little and there is a long steep staircase. Once you go up that you reach the ballroom! There is a piano, a stage, and large windows that open with a view!

2. Secret Tunnels.

Most people know about the secret tunnels from the PMU to Hicks and Stewart Center, but Purdue used to have tunnels everywhere. They're still there (obviously), but they're not really accessible to the public. Supposedly, there are access tunnels from Meredith to Windsor! Imagine how convenient that would be in the winter...

3. The Jedi Council Room.

This might not be as much of a secret, but it's still noteworthy. There is a room on the 7th floor of Beering that has its own zip code. Yes, you read that right, it's own zip code. This room is in the southeast corner of the 7th room and is a domed room. It resembles the Jedi Council Room and has an awesome view!

4. Rooftop Gardens.

There are a few rooftop gardens on campus. Some of them are located in the Civil Engineering building and Schleman Hall. I'm sure they would be lovely to study in during the spring and summer times!

5. Particle Collider and Nuclear Reactor.

I know just reading the title you're probably like what? Apparently, Purdue has a particle collider underneath the Engineering Fountain and a Nuclear Reactor underneath the Electrical Engineering building. There's not much information on it and I'm not sure if you can access it but I'm sure if you do a little digging around you could find out!

I'm sure there are more secret hidden gems tucked away around campus. With a little bit of exploring you could find your spot on campus sometime in the next 4 years!