Prioritizing Your Lasts

Before started the second semester of my senior year I told one of my friends how I didn't know how I was going to get through it. It's my last semester of undergrad so shouldn't I be checking everything off on my college bucket list? Am I going to regret every time I decide to stay in and watch Netflix instead?

This semester is full of lasts. Even if you're just graduating to more school it won't be the same as your undergrad. So how do you decide which "lasts" you want to have?

I hear people planning their grand senior spring break trips and I find myself thinking I could go on this trip with my friends, or I could go to the Wrestling NCAA Championships the weekend after with my other friends. I can't even compare the people on each trip because that's impossible - I just have to pick which experience I want to have.

The same goes for prioritizing anything this semester. There's that pressure to try to fit everything in fully knowing there's not enough time to do so. There's not even time to make a pros and cons list for things because by the time you do whatever it is will be over.

It's early in the semester, which means I have time to figure out how I want to spend it. I'm doing everything I can to live in this moment. Everything in college forces you to look at the future and I know I'll have to figure out which experiences I want to end my college career with. So here I am again trying to enjoy every minute with the future right up ahead.

When opportunities come up I'm sure I'll seize them. If things conflict I'll go with what I love - it's gotten me this far.

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