So You're Moving to Seattle, Huh? -- A Clothing Guide
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So You're Moving to Seattle, Huh? -- A Clothing Guide

Essentials that you might want to have as you start your new life in Seattle

So You're Moving to Seattle, Huh? -- A Clothing Guide

Welcome to Seattle! Home of the bipolar weather, Starbucks's birthplace, and super tight music scene.

Like every major city, there is a clothing aesthetic. In Seattle, not only do we have a strong aesthetic, but our clothing choices and what is popular to wear is also incredibly purposeful. If you are going to be an implant in Seattle sometime soon, you might want to update your closet with these pieces to not only fit in, but because it will become incredibly useful to you as you go throughout your new life as a Seattleite:

1. A good rain jacket:

Everyone here owns at least one rain jacket. REI or North Face are the most typical brands, but as long as it's a good quality rain jacket, you should be good to go. In the city, when it's raining, no one has an umbrella. They're bulky and in the way. If you are using an umbrella on a rainy day, everyone will know you're not from around here. Or you may be a fancy business man/woman/person.

2. Sweatshirts with a hoodie:

Our typical cloudy days exudes a great desire to wear comfy clothes. Normal sweaters and sweatshirts will do just fine, but hoodies double up to a more useful clothing piece with the rain unexpectedly hits.

3. A good pair of your favorite shoe:

Everyone has a go-to shoe. As long as they are comfortable enough to allow you to wear and walk in them for hours upon hours AND that are they waterproof (aka your socks won't get wet), you should be good to go.

4. Converse:

Almost everyone here owns a pair of converse. It just goes with our "alternative", “indie” or hipster scene/vibes.

5. Jeans and flannel:

It's good against our coldish weather and it's a part of every PNW native's closet. Step it up a notch and go for the lumbersexual fantasy if you are living more farther out from the city and if you are looking for a change in your everyday style.

6. Backpack:

Yeah, purses are cool and all, but a Seattleite carries all of their shit with them. It's just more convenient when traveling around, especially for students.

7. A good pair of tennis shoes:

If you’re an avid hiker, also don't forget your hiking boots! There are some gorgeous and amazing trails on the Eastside, the islands, and up north. But if you don't plan on hiking much, a good pair of tennis shoes will be fine. You will find some fun physical activity to be a part of or experience. Don't let bad shoes stop you!

8. A reusable water bottle:

Go green and find yourself a reusable water bottle to love, cherish and take everywhere with you. Along the way it will become beaten up and full of stickers (and memories), but that’s the beauty of having a personal water bottle.

So go forth and don’t be afraid to get wet. It’s just water after all. Oh, and welcome to the Pacific Northwest, I hope you enjoy it was much as I do.

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