As soon as daylight savings hits, a lot of things kick into play. Wreaths grace front doors everywhere, festive snacks appear on grocery store shelves, and holiday to-do lists are created. OH! And the amount of sunlight we are blessed with each day shrivels into what those who experience seasonal affective disorder may consider to be the season of doom and gloom. Especially until the days start to shift back and grow longer, those of us who require natural light to survive are STRUGGLING, to say the least.

The only appropriate thing to do in times as dire as these is turn to our loyal pal who knows struggle just as well as the next — Jim Carrey's "The Grinch".

1. When the sun starts setting at 4:09 p.m.

2. Immediately feeling your body shut down

3. Hearing people talk about how they love this time of year

4. A lot of extra snacking, to feel some sort of joy

5. But at least you have that friend who understands your S.A.D. 

6. Lacking motivation to do just about anything

7. Realizing the dark also means the cold

8. Booking a plane ticket somewhere warm because you need a glimmer of hope

9. Spending all your money on salt lamps and other things that are "scientifically proven" to bring you sunshiney vibes

10. When people tell you to "just cheer up"

11. Trying to give yourself a little boost (and failing miserably)

12. Did I mention seemingly eternal darkness?

13. Canceling plans that you were so convinced you'd go through with

14. All the extra sleep you get, because what else are you going to do?

15. But you can't sleep forever, so wallowing will do

16. Hoping that maybe, just maybe, it will be a little lighter when you wake up

17. And when the light finally decides it's time to come back to its normal hours

Thankfully, winter does not last 365 days a year and it will pass...eventually. Hopefully there's plenty of Christmas ham (or a heroic dog sidekick) to help keep your head up until then!