In the age of reboots, one show that I hope doesn't get the reboot treatment is the fantastic medical comedy/drama called "Scrubs." For those who haven't had the pleasure, "Scrubs" is a show about a group of people working at Scared Heart Hospital told from the perspective from J.D., an intern who works at the hospital. Seasons 1 to 8 are great; there is a Season 9, but it didn't have much of the original cast. Luckily, there are no talks of a reboot . But if there were, the new show would have a lot to live up to.

1. The cast.

"Scrubs" is a great ensemble show. All of the characters get their turn in the spotlight. Some of the show's best moments are between the supporting characters, while generating the biggest laughs. The cast is filled with a who's who of, "Oh it's that guy/girl," for some being the their first ever major role. If they do a reboot, (which there probably won't, thank goodness), they could never match the original cast of characters.

2. Humor.

Arguably one of the most obvious parts about the show is its humor. Sometimes it is a ridiculous gag or a witty line, "Scrubs" has it covered. A reboot would have a good balance of both along with number three on this list in order to be as good as the original.

3. Drama.

Just watch the episode titled "My Lunch" and you will understand how the show handles drama.

4. Relationships.

The relationships between the characters is what makes the show so great. Sure, the characters argue with each other. However, by time the credits role, they have already made up . They act like one huge family and it's easy to see that actors care for each other after the cameras stop rolling.

5. Music.

The writers of "Scrubs" always do a great job using music to help tell the story and move the plot along. "Guy Love" always brings a smile to face, even on the saddest of days, while "How to Save a Life" was used in one of the saddest moments of the show.

6. Guest stars.

From Michael J. Fox to Elizabeth Banks, "Scrubs" had a slew of great stars. Brendan Fraser gave probably one the best performances of his career when he guest starred on the show. Even Dick Van Dyke (Bert from "Mary Poppins") was on the show once.

7. Realism.

During an interview on (link for article here:, Bill Lawrence described how he used real-life stories for the show. While the names were changed and the
stories were dramatized for TV, the show has a sense of realism. There are no big twists, death is played out as normal but still painful, and medical cases could go either way.

8. Writing.

The writing on the show is specular. It balances comedy and drama in way that a few shows can, (which is another reason I think a reboot would never be a good idea). I am surprised it never was nominated for an Emmy for writing.

9. Always a bridesmaid, never the bride.

"Scrubs" never won any major awards, but was nominated in its early years for a couple of Emmys. It won one of the smaller ones but never any of the big ones.

10. It ended perfectly.

Excluding the ninth season, the series ends on a perfect note. Without spoiling anything, all loose ends in what was supposed to be the last episode were tied into a bow. The ending episode showed how much the characters have grown, along as the actors themselves.

11. Bromance.

I know I mentioned relationships earlier but I just have to mention J.D. and Turk's relationship again. Best part of the show.

In short, I hope this show never gets rebooted and is left the way it is. Thanks for reading!