School Isn't Easy
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Student Life

School Isn't Easy

Or it at least shouldn't be.

School Isn't Easy
Sarah Mason

Some people love to learn. The challenge to understand the world and the people around us is fascinating. Learning also to them is important to growth and development. Whether learning is easy or hard is not the focus.

Opposite of those who love to learn are those who want to float through life. They don't care as much to learn everything but rather just want ot pass the class and get the certification/degree they are required. Minimums are good enough for them.

Differences are important. I'm one to encourage embracing who you are and not changing for others, but I am incapable of understanding why people don't like to learn. Why do people come to college, major in what they want to do for the rest of their life, and then search for "easy A's"???

There is situations that lots of credit hours are being required and an "easy A" class is used to fill space, but many times I have witnessed peers wanting or bragging about having entire easy semesters. They want to share tests so they don't have to learn the information. Why learn when you can memorize the night before, pass, and have the same certification as the person who works their ass off.

Beginning in middle school and on to college I have watched peers blame teachers and professors for being too "harsh". But maybe you aren't prepared enough? Why is it so wrong for them to expect more from you? Shouldn't it have to be a challenge?

High expectations should start early on and move higher gradually as you get into college (or technical school). Future careers are going to be stressful with high expectations. And in a job you're not going to get to retake the test or redo the day. The result in not meeting expectations isn't just a bad grade, but can be as harsh as losing your job.

I push myself in school and I'm proud. I am a stronger person because of how much I have to balance classes, organizations, work, and still have a social life. I'm proud to not constantly be able to take easy classes. Maybe I don't get 4.0's every semester, but I get pretty close and I'm proud of what I have achieved.

Each student that is striving to be better should be proud of themselves. Whether you're an "A" student or not, what grade you get doesn't matter as much as learning the information. Strive to grow through knowledge and your life will take such a much different direction!

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