"Schmidt Happens" In College
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"Schmidt Happens" In College

we can all relate to Schmidt

"Schmidt Happens" In College

1. When there is one minor inconvenience in your life

2. When you have no classes and get to waste the day away

3. When your prof says the final is accumulative

4. When you get to eat anywhere but the dinning commons

5. When you have a "treat yo' self" night

6. When all the parking spots are taken and you have to park far away from your dorm, you blame everyone else for having a car

7. When you have an interview for a job or internship and your whole life up to this point has been building on this very moment

8. When you call your mom to tell her you actually passed your exam

9. When your class doesn't get cancelled and the weather is bad

10. When someone actually befriends you

11. When you see those couples showing too much PDA... please stop

12. When you feel like you had a good day and you're basically unstoppable

13. When the weekend has finally arrived

14. When it's Monday, after said weekend

15. When you try to write a research paper in one hour because you procrastinated

16. When the week starts off rough and Monday just hits you in the face

17. When you're feeling yourself

18. When you bring your parents to campus and they embarass you in front of your friends

19. When you successfully make ramen and clean your own room

20. When your prof gave a pop quiz once...

21. When you told yourself you were going to save money, but you realize you're spending money again

22. When you're used to sleeping with a roommate

23. When you realize you forgot about an assignment

24. When you're trying to impress that special someone

25. When you accidentally fall asleep in class and you wake up the professor is staring at you

26. When someone tells you drama you already new about

27. When you start making your own decisions and feel like an adult

28. When you have just one group of friends and they piss you off

29. When someone asks you how stressed you are

30. When that one person cuts in front of you in the food line

31. When your mom asks how you're doing emotionally because you seem "stressed"

32. When you and your roommate realize it's 3 A.M. and you have a 9 A.M.

33. When a prof applauds you on your work

34. When it's 2 A.M. and your friends ask "Want to go get Taco Bell?"

35. When you don't get why it takes so much effort and money to get a degree and you wish it was just not that way

36. When everyone said it was supposed to be the best four years of your life but really everything is just up in flames and there's nothing you can do

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