One of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make was the choice to leave my job. Most people would probably not react the way I am reacting right now.

Tears, and lots of them.

The time has come. It is already December. I was not expecting to leave so suddenly, but things happen, and they work in the most mysterious ways.

I was hired at a good time. There was a merge between the Student Center and the Office of Student Activities, and I'm glad there was. If not, I would not know over 100 people whom I call my friends and close colleagues.

I have to thank my boyfriend for getting me involved as quickly as possible, at least in the Student University Programmers (SUP). I was a shy sophomore, super scared to even walk in the office. I was afraid of that judgment certain groups usually gave out, with or without saying anything. But this office was judgment-free.

This office was accepting and loving. I felt immediately like I belonged.

I was a volunteer for SUP at first, helping out at events and having tons of fun. I'd mainly volunteer for movie nights, working with the tech crew. I learned so much, more than I thought I would. I never thought I'd know a tech set-up, and I never knew I'd make an impact.

I'm so honored to have worked with the best. After SUP, I moved into the SCCA, slowly. The most outgoing people are my coworkers, and I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Not only am I leaving the SCCA, but I am also leaving my actual job: Rowan After Hours (RAH). RAH has been my home for as long as I have been a student at Rowan. I've gone there to avoid boredom in my bedroom. I've gone there to make friends. I've gone there to feel safe and have fun.

I took the chance and applied to be a part of that fun. I am so glad I took that chance.

I'm leaving a family behind. I have no choice and there is no way of avoiding it. I am choosing to focus on my degree that is finishing up in May, and I am living at home. An hour away from Rowan, but that won't stop me from visiting my family from time to time.

The connections, the memories, the love. I'm so sad to leave.

Thank you, SCCA, for being my home. Thank you for accepting me three years ago and still accepting me today. Thank you for making me laugh when I'm down. Thank you for the laughs when I'm feeling great.

Thank you, RAH, for giving me the best coworkers. Thank you for the late-night sleepy "ha-has". Thank you for the constant dancing at the food bar and stories at the front desk. Thank you for the countless Alaura's ice cream trips.

I'll remember you all as I walk on that stage, proudly wearing that gold sash, representing you; and I will remember you for years to come.